WIWS “Happy Boopee, Poopee!”

To translate, that’s “Happy Birthday, Ruthie!’ in the words of the birthday girl herself. We got spiffed up for Mass and went all together for once, so we thought we’d share our outfits and a little photo essay on our current favorite 2-year-old.
Margot and Ruthie are wearing matching dresses from Nana, who go them at her favorite store ON SALE (that’s very important to Nana, who never pays full price). I can’t actually remember the name of the store right now, but they are lovely old-fashioned dresses with lots of nice pleating and smocking and embroidered details. Can’t wait to see them on Jackie and Carmela! I’m wearing a non-maternity dress (from Target?) as a tunic over maternity leggings.  Worked pretty well!
Ruthie was born 2 years ago today, only 5 days after we moved into this house, which is craze-balls but that’s pregnancy for you. Here is she is already showing what a happy easy baby she would be at just a few days old…
baby ruth
Margot had been a very high-maintenance infant (and toddler…) and so Ruthie’s babyhood was a huge relief — I actually forgot she was there several times because she’d just lie happily in her pack and play looking at the ceiling for, like 30 minutes at a time, which had NEVER happened with Margot. I do remember saying even then, though, that I’d probably pay for all this peace once day.

Here she is on her first birthday, looking so little still!

ruthie 1And here she is earlier this week, just before heading to Mimi’s on the 4th of July for her early birthday party.

ruthie 2
She is still sweet and cuddly, but she has become a very stubborn and defiant little thing, too. She has pretty much developed a textbook case of the Terrible Twos! But we love her. Happy Boopee, Poopee!


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Ode to the McHusbands {wiwsunday best}

I already wrote (by McFamily standards) a sappy post in honor of our Dad the other day, but I couldn’t let today go by without honoring the other fathers in our family.  I can’t really wax poetic about each of my brothers-in-law (because that’s weird), but I certainly can share sweet pictures of them with their kiddos.

So! Happy Father’s Day, Brandon,





VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

and Dave. 🙂

Photo by my good friend, Melissa.

Photo by my good friend, Melissa.

We love you!

Over here in the Commonwealth, we’ve been celebrating Father’s Day weekend with all of Dave’s favorite things: picnic at Houghton Pond Park, after dinner walks, beer, sausage, donuts with breakfast, open house crashing after Mass and (currently) marathon Star Trek Voyager watching.  I’m being very generous with that last one.

But, I owe him.  See, Dave hates when I do What I Wore Sunday posts, which is why I don’t do them often.  Today when I asked him to snap a picture he said it shouldn’t be called “What I Wore Sunday”, it should be “How I tortured my husband Sunday.” I guess someone needs a tripod. 😉 Happily, though, some sort of Father’s Day miracle occurred and it only took 4 pictures to land a winner.  Whew!

Dress: Target Cardigan: Target Necklace: Amazon Shoes: Payless

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Amazon
Shoes: Payless

And yes, this is my interpretation of that awesome outfit from my 5 Favs post a few weeks ago.  What do you think?

Happy Father’s Day, all ye fine gentle men.

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Shoes! {wiws}


Does anybody else think these out of focus “test” shots are often more flattering than the posed, intended to be flattering shots? Or is it just me?

Joining Fine Linen and Purple on this fine sunny Sunday to share what I thought was a blog post-worthy outfit.  I guess you all will be the judge of that!


Earrings: Anthropologie
Top: Old Navy
Pants: Gap (old and altered)
Shoes: India

Apart from the shoes (which are my fav) the exciting part of this outfit for me is the pants.  I’ve had them since before I was married (ie, skinny days!) and they used to be wide legged trousers.  I was inspired by all those diy clothes alterations that Grace and Ana do so I thought I’d try my hand at it.  They didn’t turn out half bad, I think! Granted, I don’t know if skinny white pants are as flattering on me as wide leg white trousers… oh my lovely “athletic legs”. Welp, they’re definitely more trendy this way!

As an aside, I don’t usually wear pants to Mass, but it’s not for any deep theological reason.  I just feel prettier and more feminine in skirts and dresses.  You know what I mean?  The problem is, I still have really nasty bruises and scabs on my knees from last week’s post 5K wipeout, so it would have been uncharitable to my fellow Mass-goers and unseemly to showcase that nastiness.  I guess I could have worn a maxi skirt though.  Sorry, I’m not trying to say anything profound here or to put down pants wearing, I’m just oversharing. Isn’t that what blogs are for?


Hmmm, is this picture indicative of Sara Kate’s Mass behavior? Well, no, she actually did pretty well this week. I’d give her a solid B+.  We didn’t have to leave the pew, so that’s an improvement on the past few weeks! Toddler shenanigans have begun in ernest around here.


How about these beauties?  They’re handmade in India and I wear them sparingly and only on the driest of dry days so that they’ll last forever. They were a gift from a former co-worker of mine who is Indian.

And speaking of shoes, that’s SK’s newest word!  It’s pretty adorable and just goes to show what a Mama’s girl she is… Poor Dave(‘s wallet).

Anyway, that’s more than enough rambling for one day.  Head back to FL&P for more lovely Mass-wear and maybe Camp Patton if she does her Sunday Best link-up again.  I’m completely confused and out of the loop about that one.  Mindy and I are all

What he wore Saturday and Happy Mother’s Day!

My apologies to the FLAP ladies about this stretch of a What I Wore Sunday post.  I just couldn’t resist boasting a little more about my brother, and showing off his fancy uniform!


The graduation ceremony sounded a bit like a reindeer convention; so many little jingle-jangles!



Yes, this lucky guy has two more sisters, who we very much missed on Saturday.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re very proud of Jim and all of his hard work.  He received several academic awards on Saturday, as well as the Association of the United States Army scholarship award.  I’m especially excited for Jim because of the next adventure on his horizon: a trip to Lourdes, France in June to volunteer at the shrine.  I spent a week volunteering in Lourdes while I was doing my semester in Austria and it was one of the most intensely formative weeks of my life.  I left a little bit of my heart over there and Jim being able to go there and volunteer makes the rest of my heart very happy.

And speaking of happy, Happy Mother’s day!


Mimi, Carmela and Claire.

Dad really delivered this year in the Mother’s Day present department.  He surprised Mom with a print of this painting, depicting a mother and daughter overlooking the Schoharie Valley, which is where we all grew up.

Painting by Jean Terry

Mom cried.  I did too a little bit!  Schoharie is every bit as beautiful as this paining, and this is the same valley we looked upon from the back yard of our house on Terrace Mountain (which, to be specific, is the mountain just beyond the very distinctive looking mountain on the left in the picture).  We really did have a wonderful childhood on that very windy mountain, and all the credit is due more to my beautiful mother and hard working father than the idyllic Schoharie valley.  It’s just so wonderful that Mom has it kind of captured now in this beautiful painting.


Take note, Dave. This is how you make your wife verrrry happy on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful moms out there! Happy Mother’s day to our Mom (Mimi to her 10 grandkids), our Grandma (GGma to her 13 great-grandchildren) and to my McSister Moms.  And thank you to Dave and SK for making me a happy Mommy every day and for spoiling me with margaritas tonight.



WIWS: Color Theory Success?

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I’m trying my hand at What I Wore Sunday again this week.  I don’t know about you, but I much prefer putting together pretty church outfits in the spring and summer than in the winter.  Of course it’s exciting to pull out the pencil skirts, scarves and sweaters again in the fall, but bundling gets real old approximately right after Christmas, don’t you think?

Welcome, Spring!


Back in the fall, I wrote a little post about color theory, and ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for a good coral something.  Enter 50% off sale at the JCrew outlet this weekend and then add that wonderful fact to my long indulged addiction to cardigans.  Seriously, though, it’s a problem.  Dave always shakes his head every time I feed this sickness and asks “Don’t you have all the colors of the rainbow yet??” Come on, back me up ladies.  Do you think it’s a good color for me?


Cardigan: JCrew factory outlet
Shirt: Loft (old)
Skirt: JCP (reeeeealy old!)
Shoes: Payless
Bump: 13 months postpartum.
Tricked ya 😉

I hope it’s a lovely spring day in your neck of the woods (as Al Roker would say).  We sure are enjoying the day here!


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Pinspiration and Prayers for Boston {wiws}

It has been a tense week here in Boston and, while everyone is relieved that the the second suspect is alive and in custody, there is still much confusion and grief.  Please continue to pray for all the victims and their families and for the souls of the young men responsible.  May the risen Christ have mercy on us all.

It’s been a while since I did a church outfit post, but after wasting oodles of time on pinterest  finding some pinspiration, I thought I’d try my hand at recreating a trendy outfit for Mass and sharing it with the What I Wore Sunday crowd. Here are the pinspiring outfits: 

I read somewhere a while back that chambray is the new neutral.  Well, I have a chambray shirt and a statement skirt so I thought, why not?  I can’t really say I’m a fan of how it turned out, though.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I know.  I doesn’t help that I don’t even try to look normal or nice or, I don’t know, AT the camera. This is why I don’t do WIWS posts that often.  Anywho, here are some closeups of the pretty details of the outfit that are lost in the above pictures:


Skirt: Jcrew via Gabriel Brothers a loooooooooong time ago
Shoes: Payless


Necklace: Loft (old)
Shirt: Gap

I think my problem was the shirt is not structured enough so it adds a kind of slouchy/fluffiness to my already slouchy/fluffy self.  Gosh, I love my skirt though.  I picked it up at Gabes in Weirton WV while I was a student at Franciscan and it’s been one of my favorite skirts ever since.  I always get a lot of compliments on that skirt!  I also get a lot of compliments on my little tag along.


SK is sporting cousin hand-me-downs. How come I never looked that good in hand-me-downs??

For more Sunday finery, check out the link-up at Fine Linen and Purple.  Happy fourth Sunday of Easter!

Snapshots from Easter {WIWS}

Happy Easter, everyone!  I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday filled with candy and family and crowded, long liturgies.  I know the McSisters did!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to link-up with the FLAP ladies and Grace because I managed to get my hands on pictures of all the McSisters from yesterday.  I wish it was because I saw all of them in the flesh and in their Easter finery but alas, this is not so.  We Johnsons were in NY for Easter, but Rose’s clan came out to Providence to be with his people and Jane was with her brood out in STL.  Oh well, everyone looked beautiful, and that’s all that matters, right?


Jane, the Divine Miss T and Lucy Lou.


The other McFamily in Providence.

A Hazardous group indeed.

A Hazardous group indeed.

The Johnsons enjoying the spring weather.

The Johnsons enjoying the spring weather.

And here’s a few more shots from the weekend.  We love our NY visits!


Eyelet twins 🙂 Joanie is so beautiful and stylish!


Jim is a loving brother.


Jude and SK, almost-birthday twins!


The Easter/birthday cake.


I can’t resist Carmelacutiepie.

I hope everyone is relishing the new life of Easter.  He is Risen! Alleluia!


WIWS: snow on snow on snow on snow.

Well, it’s Sunday again, and we’re having another snowstorm.  So for the second weekend in a row Dave and I are taking turns walking to Mass.  It’s actually not that bad since the church is a little over a half a mile away.  Last week it was actually quite enjoyable.  The blizzard had ended the day before, so it was kinda fun to walk through our neighborhood caked in 2+ feet of snow.


Last week’s walk.

This week’s walk was another story.  The snow was still coming down pretty hard and blowing.  Plus, I maybe shouldn’t have worn a skirt and tights.  Maybe that was a mistake… But not because it was unbearably cold.  I had a little bit of this going on.

Not as fun as it looks.

It was really bad on the walk home.  I thought for a second that maybe I should turn back to the church and run to the bathroom to address the situation, but I didn’t.  Then when I was a little farther on and fearing that things were pretty dire, I remembered that Seinfeld episode when Kramer is test driving a car for Jerry and the gas tank is on E but he wants to see just how far he can go on E.  And I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make it home and my tights won’t actually fall the way down.  They might ride down really low, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it!”

And I did!

After hitching up my gawkings (as my niece Jackie calls them), wiping my nose and de-icing my glasses, I took a triumphant picture of my outfit for your viewing pleasure.
First of all, aren’t you jealous of the wood paneling and linoleum in my house??  Renting is awesome.
Gap skirt and sweater, ON tights, Lands End Canvas scarf, AE socks (I think… it’s been years since I’ve shopped there. I’m too old and cantankerous to deal with the pumping music and overpowering scent of Axe.)
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What Everyone Wore Sunday

Back in Boston and back in business with a picture-packed post about Carmela’s baptism.  I know everybody is excited about this post, especially the McBrother, so without further ado…

And we're Catholic!

And we’re Catholic!



The McFamily! If Jane looks a little odd to you, it’s because she has been pregnant since 2009. Oh, also, she is a cardboard cutout. Joanie is holding a picture of Mary, who has not yet been made into a cardboard cut out. It’ll happen one of these days.

The obligatory shoe shot.  Jane's shoes are quite inappropriate for February, but if you've been pregnant since 2009, flip flops are really the only option

The obligatory shoe shot. Jane’s shoes are quite inappropriate for February, but if you’ve been pregnant since 2009, flip flops are really the only option.

Babies of the McFamily.

Babies of the McFamily.

Beautiful mother and daughter.

Beautiful mother and daughter.

Grandma and me talking about Downton Abbey.  Note the Union Jack pillow.  McWoman of all ages are avid Anglophiles.

Grandma and I are talking about Downton Abbey. Note the Union Jack pillow. McWoman of all ages are avid Anglophiles.

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WIWS: Comfy, Dressy

Howdy What I Wore Sunday crowd!


Gap dress, ON tights, Nordstrom boots, old Loft necklace, underused Fossil watch, and lovely delicate earrings from my friend Rachael 🙂

We’re all back in the Commonwealth and enjoying the long weekend by doing what we do best: absolutely nothing!  Well, that’s not totally true.  I was able to slip out yesterday for a lunch/shopping date with my friend Melissa and while we were at the Gap, I snatched up this dress for a song. At first I wasn’t interested but Melissa urged me to try it on.  Always try things on, my friends, it’s the only way to make sure things don’t look horrible on you.  I was sure this would look bad on me because it’s basically a big sweatshirt with a drawstring waist but, low and behold, it is inexplicably flattering.  Also inexplicable, the zippers on the sides.  Rest assured, modesty police, the inexplicable zippers remained zipped for Mass.   Most importantly, it’s really really ridiculously comfortable.  Since it was such a steal ($17) and so comfy (see previous sentence), Melissa got one for herself as well in gray.  Full disclosure, if we were featured in an Us Weekly “Who Wore It Better” column, Melissa would win.  Every time.

SK is also wearing a comfortable church outfit which was a gift from my Aunt Elizabeth.  It’s a Tea Collection jersey knit little dress with striped sleeves.  It’s great because she can wear it as a dress to Mass with little tights or with leggings during the week. Come to think of it, the same goes for my dress. Yay for versatility!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Before all you seasoned Moms out there warn me of the dangers of wearing sparkly, rattly, jangly, super fun jewlery around your 9 month old, let me assure you that my perfect little angel did not play, tug, eat, jangle, and/or untie the bow in the back during the Nicene Creed. Oh no she did not!

For more “holy attire” (I know I’m not the only one who caught that today!) head on back to Fine Linen and Purple.