7QT: Love, Marriage, Babies & Kids

1.  Before you do anything, click here to read my brother-in-law’s  beautiful open letter to our bishops about living the Church’s teaching about marriage and family, and don’t forget to sign the petition attached to show the bishops we support the upholding of Church teaching! And if you do all that and still would like to do more, please share it with your family and friends!  Thank you!!

2.  Woah, there’s been a lot of talk about marriage on Catholic blogs in the past week.  And then, horror of unexpected horrors, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they were “consciously uncoupling”! Anyway, all that to say I was happy to see that Betty Duffy shared her take on the goopy celebrity breakup and tied it in to the recent Catholic marriage discussions.  She’s awesome.

3. And speaking of ridiculous celebrities who degrade the sanctity of marriage, all the hubub around the Kimye Vogue cover has been giving me so many chuckles this week.  I loved Suri Cruise’s thoughts on the matter.

This picture alone is just so comical! Via Suri’s Burn Book

4.Ok, I do read serious things too. Did anyone else read that big Atlantic article, The Overprotected Kid? I liked it, and it reminded me of the great things about my childhood on the mountain.  I had my shabby little “tree house” under the crabapple trees in the way-back yard and I would spend hours down there making “soup” with the wild flowers and weeds.  We’d go exploring all over the hill, in the woods and down to that big pond in the middle of the field.  So many adventures!  It makes me wonder how I can give some of that to my own children.  The thing is, I’m not worried about my kids and safety in their physical environments as much as I’m worried about peer influence.  I can’t let my kids just play for hours unsupervised with the neighborhood kids.  I’m not saying they’re bad kids, it’s just that they’re raised so differently than how I’m raising my own kids.  They say “crap” and “suck” all the time because those are normal kid words in their world.  Worse than that, though, they’re so disrespectful to their parents all the time.

Did anyone else read the article?  What are your thoughts?

5. My baby girl is going to be 2 in a week.  I am very emotional about this!  Frankly, so is she but not so much because of her birthday; she has those pesky 2 year-old molars poking up.  She’s always been one to handle teething pretty well, but occasionally she’ll just break down and become inexplicably volatile and then I remember “Oh yeah, molars!”

6. I also gave her her first little haircut yesterday.  She had several big chunks of hair that were way longer than the rest so I finally plucked up enough courage to snip it all even.  Now I’m the emotionally volatile one!



Not such a bad job though, eh?

Not such a bad job though, eh?

7. And now, for the quick take everyone’s been waiting for.  How’s your pregnancy going, Ellen?  Well.  I had one of those weeks.  You know, the week when you go for your monthly check-up and you gained 6 POUNDS?!?! The pathetic thing was that I was feeling so good.  I’ve been working out and eating mostly well.  You know, feeling like this chick:

And now I feel like this:

Watch out, SK.

Check out Jen and all the other Quick Takers at Conversion Diary.  Happy weekend, everyone!  It’s the last weekend of March, woohoo!

Are you the 2 Percent?

You’ve probably heard the statistic: 98% of Catholic women do not follow the Church’s teaching on artificial birth control. It’s a number that’s been thrown around a lot lately, between the controversy about the HHS mandate’s birth control coverage and the upcoming synod on the family and the issue of bishops allegedly “polling” Catholics about their practice of the Faith. As usual, we’re feeling pretty misrepresented around here. Really, only 2% of us practice NFP? In the various circles of my little Catholic bubble it sure feels more like that statistic should be the other way around sometimes!
So, are you the 2 percent, too? If you are part of that supposed minority who embraces the Church’s teachings with joy, albeit sometimes with difficulty, would you consider signing and passing on this open letter to the bishops that my husband wrote? There’s a link at the bottom to the petition form, although it’s really not a petition — it’s a show of support, and a way to make sure that our bishops know that some of us are grateful for what the Church has given us, and would love to see her message taught more effectively to more people. Spread the word!