What I Wore Sunday: Bad Hair Edition

Back again for this Fine Linen Linkup!  Please excuse me and Sara Kate as we are experiencing an awkward state in the hair growing out process.  SK has very fine wispies that get messy post naptime, while I have very fine wispies on my forehead where my hair is finally growing back after my epic postpartum balding experience of this past summer.  Also, to make matters worse, I’m eating my hair in this picture.


Cardigan: Gap. Top: Anthropologie. Skirt: Old Navy. Tights: Khols. Shoes: Target

Also, SK wants you all to know that this is NOT what she wore to Mass.  Her parents insist on changing her out of her church clothes the minute she comes home as if she were some messy peasant who gets food all over her clothes and in her wispy hair.  Humphf!


Rug: Rose. See? She gets my clothes and I get her rugs. Even trade.


SK only smiles for her official photographer.


Outta my face, fool!

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t dream of buying clothing at Anthropologie, but I had a moment of pregnancy Treat. Yo. Self. last year and…. well…. that’s all I have to say about that.  It is pretty much my favorite top, though.  Definitely a keeper.

Check out everyone else’s lovely outfits at Fine Linen and Purple and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Commence Caption Contest!

No, I'm not worried about the zombie apocalypse, but I am worried about these guy a few yards over.

No, I’m not worried about the zombie apocalypse, but I am worried about these guys few streets over.

An assignment: Listen to this song while looking at this horrifying picture and share your own caption in the comment box 🙂

What I Wore Sunday (and a craft!)

Sundays are bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

I teach 3rd grade Religious Ed and in this neck of the woods, Religious Ed (CCD, Faith Formation, what have you) is on Sunday mornings.  This makes Sunday really hectic and busy and I hate that.  Because of teaching class and the little lady’s sleep schedule demands, the only mass we can go to all together is the 7:30 am Mass. If late masses are called the sinners mass, then surely we go to the saints mass!  It’s just too early, yo.

This week I was a more than a little frantic and anxious because I had a craft planned.  Crafts can be wonderful(!) fun(!) magical(!) but above all they are always STRESSFUL!  The thing is, with a weekly, hour-long Religious Ed class, you have to really keep it simple and straightforward.  When I was teaching preschool, I wouldn’t shy away from paint, glitter, glue, scissors, all that fun stuff.  But when you only have an hour and it’s not in your own classroom, the more simple and streamlined it is the better!  Catholic Icing is my go-to source for pretty much all of my fun Religious Ed craft activities and I was so excited to find that she posted a new Advent wreath craft that doesn’t involve glue or paint or toilet paper rolls or real candles or melting crayons.

I went ahead and made a tester wreath to see how difficult it would be and to work out any kinks in the process.  Then I separated all the materials and made little individual baggies for all the students.  This seems like a lot of work but it eliminates pretty much half of the stress when the kids are putting the craft together.

I’ve learned the very hard way that you need to break everything down into simple obvious steps and be very clear and systematic when doing crafts. For example:

Step 1: Don’t open the bag until I say so.

Step 2: Now open the bag but ONLY take out the wreath and green ribbon.

See what I mean?  Very simple, obvious instructions.  Otherwise it’s chaos.  Also, having them repeat instructions is helpful.  Like:

“Each candle has 8 colored beads on it.  How many colored beads is on each candle?”


Miraculously, the kids did really well with this craft and I left with all the hair I came in with.  This is amazing, considering the last project we did took us 5 weeks to complete.  5 weeks!  We did the Catholic Icicng pony bead rosaries back in Octobonovember.  Truth be told, I meant for it to be spread over several weeks so that we wouldn’t have to devote an entire class to the craft.  I have to teach them stuff too, you know! It was very refreshing today to do a craft and be done with it all in one day!

Moving on.  When I got home from class, I asked Dave to snap a picture of my outfit and a finished Advent wreath and he said “Again?  Do I have to do this every week?”  And then he snapped this:


And then he was nicer and snapped a couple more…

This is kind of a meh outfit, but it is slightly Liturgically correct because of the purple pants, no?

Pants: old, from the Loft

Blouse: Old Navy (not maternity but I wore it through my whole pregnancy)

Cardigan: Gap

Shoes: Target

For much better outfits and prettier faces, go to Fine Linen and Purple!  And have yourself a merry little first Sunday of Advent!


We had a wonderful time back home with the McFamily for Thanksgiving! I wish I could say that all of the McSisters were together for Thanksgiving, but sadly, that didn’t happen and it doesn’t happen much these days.  Jane (who’s birthday was on Thanksgiving) was celebrating with her clan out in St. Louis while Mary was doing her holy nun thing in Queens.  Rose, Claire and I briefly were together on Wednesday night when we got manicures, but then Rose and her brood left in the morning for the Island of Rhodes to spend Thanksgiving with his people. 

We did enjoy our time with Aunt Joanie, however…

and McCousins,

Ahhhh, home!

Take the “s” off the end of “Kids” and my family’s loving accent on the wall of fame very accurately expresses what Dave and I wanted to do with our sleepless baby on this trip.

Traveling with babies…

Back when Dave and I were living near my parents and BSK (that historical time period, before SK), we were told often by family members and friends to enjoy our freedom and the luxuries of no children while we can.  And we did!  Especially over holidays and on vacations, I would see how the change of location and schedule would throw my little nieces and nephews off.  They would be grumpy and tired then my poor McSisters would be grumpy and tired.

And now we have entered that same tunnel of parenthood!  Ironically, I think I get more comments (mostly from strangers) these days about how I need to enjoy SK’s babyhood while I can.  They grow up so fast, carpe diem, yadda yadda yadda… And you know what?  I do enjoy it!  We were grateful for the blessings in our life back when we were footloose and fancy free and now we are grateful for our sweet little baby. But just as there were trials back in our childless days, we have trials today that make “enjoying it while we can” a bit difficult.  Lack of sleep is a big one and it was the biggest obstacle we had to enjoying Thanksgiving and family time.  In our case, not only was SK thrown off because she wasn’t in her own house and in her own bed, but she is also teething! Luckily, we have a very helpful and understanding family 🙂

I am so very grateful for Dave. Every morning while we were at my parents house, he got up with SK when she awoke for good at 5 am so that I could sleep a little longer.  Maybe he knows just what a monster I would have been without those extra few hours and he was trying to protect everyone! He is a good man.

I love her, but I don’t have to like her right now, right?

***A quick note on the pictures.  Sorry to my family members (AKA, the sole readers of this blog) that I’m clearly THAT person who is hyper focused on intricately documenting my precious baby’s every moment.  I’m really going to try to work on being better at getting atmospheric shots that involve surroundings, different people, all the exciting action, etc. etc.***