7QT: Blog Angst, Goals and Some Happenings

Here’s hoping that hopping on the 7 Quick Takes train will help me out of my blogging rut!

1. I’ve started and thrown out several posts over the past few weeks.  I lost my groove! First I tried to write about my quest for cute summer sandals, but the quest came to an abrupt end when I succumbed to the siren call of Target’s shoe department.


Gus is unimpressed.

They’re cute, I like them.  I just always do this.  I cave for the cheapest, easiest buy because the nicer, better made and probably more comfortable pair is so much more expensive! No doubt I will pine over this pair for the rest of the summer. But I made my choice. (Aren’t you glad I saved you all from a post full of this nonsense?)

2. I thought about and even started writing a What I Wore Sunday post about how more often than not, my Mass outfits are not nursing friendly because I’m a heartless mom because Sundays are the only days that I have an excuse to get dressed up nicely and it’s only for an hour, so I don’t see what the big deal is.  And then I decided that, indeed, it is not a big deal, so I trashed that post!

3. I guess I’m having a bit of a blogging existential crisis.

Moving on!

4. Last week was Dave’s birthday, and I made him this cheesecake.IMG_4247

I don’t know which good deed earned me best wife award: making the cake or selflessly leaving the last piece for him.  Anyway, I dun good.

5. The month of May so far has been positively magical.  The garden is thriving, my lilacs are starting to bloom and we’re all beginning to shed our pale ghostly gray complexions and don our summer glows.IMG_4219 IMG_4244IMG_4234 IMG_4261_2

Or, in my case, my first sunspots on my forehead.  Hello sunspots, you go well with my prescription sunglasses and forehead creases. 😉

6. This month I set a fitness goal for myself: run 40 miles in the month of May.  I got my 10 miles done in this first week, so I’m feeling optimistic that I can hit my 40 mile goal.  I’d been plateauing a bit with running because my hamstrings have been killing me. I think my lower back is a mess in general and that’s making my hamstrings tight, but I also have never been the best at stretching, so this week I really focused on stretching after running. I also started drinking coconut water again, since it helped my leg cramps and soreness significantly at the end of my pregnancy last year.  Anyway, if any of you seasoned runners/fit people have any tips about stretches, etc., please let me know! I’m a complete hack at this running thing.

7. What I really need to do is set some housekeeping goals for myself! Gus is almost a year old, which means I don’t really have an excuse any more, huh? I mean, I figured once Gus was sleeping through the night, then I could really get my rear in gear and tackle more than the basics.  Are you laughing yet? Have you figured out the punchline? Gus isn’t sleeping through the night. And the rare nights he does sleep all night, Sara wakes up screaming about losing Minnie or her blankets.  As Jenny brilliantly wrote last week, when it comes to sleep training, there are no victors.  Har har.

Anyway, don’t pity me, I’m not dying from lack of sleep. But I might die from lack of dusting in my bedroom.  Oy! I finally deep cleaned my bedroom this morning and it. was. shameful.  No more! Once a month (hey, maybe the Saturday that I go to confession since I actually have stuck to that New Year’s resolution!) I need to dust and swiffer the bedrooms.  No more neglecting the upstairs since nobody sees it. As the internet is my witness, the dustbunnies will never get that bad again!

Happy Mother’s Day weekend, everyone! And don’t forget to click back to Kelly’s place for more Quick Takes!


7 Quick Take-Aways from No Sugar January

Well, I did it.  I can hardly believe it, but I did it! I went mostly sugar free for most of January! Of all the diets and health crazes I’ve tried, this has been the biggest success for me.  Maybe because it’s not a diet or health craze; it’s just common sense!  Here are my take-aways from my not-so-sweet experience.

1.  It wasn’t too difficult.  This was the most surprising take-away for me.  The first week I felt hungry most of the time, but I made sure I ate a lot to maintain my milk supply. I just didn’t eat sugary things.  Then suddenly, the hunger pangs went away, which just goes to show, I wasn’t hungry to begin with! My body told me I was hungry when it really just wanted sugar.  Sugar really messes with you!

2. Good begets good.  That one little effort of not eating sugar led to me changing my eating habits.  I ate more good fats to keep me full: avocados, full fat greek yogurt and eggs by the boatload.

I think I have a future in food photography, don't you agree? I mean, I make that paper plate and laminate countertop look good.

I think I have a future in food photography, don’t you agree? I mean, I make that paper plate and laminate countertop look good.

I also upped my vegetable intake, and (don’t tell them) the veggie intake of the whole family. Being mindful about what I wasn’t putting into my body and why made me more mindful about what I should be putting into my body and why.  Its not rocket science, I know, but it was a welcome development for me.  See, before I would attempt to make these changes but then I would feel defeated by my daily sugar cravings.  Without the sugar cravings distracting me, I could focus properly on eating healthfully.

3. I’m the boss of my diet.  When I first was researching sugar detoxes, I found all sorts of gimmicky programs.  It was really overwhelming and frustrating.  Wasn’t the idea to simply not eat sugar?  But sugar is technically in everything!  Some programs called for eliminating fruit, honey, maple sugar and carbs and anything with even trace amounts of sugar in them.  I’m such a goody-goody; I worried that if I didn’t do these programs to a T that it would all be a waste and my sugar cravings wouldn’t budge and inch.  I worried that if I had a little honey in my tea the heavens would open up and God would bellow “Fail!!”

Eventually I resolved to give it a shot anyway, but to do things my way.  And my way was to allow natural forms of sugar like fruit, honey and maple syrup.  I also would eat things that contained sugar, as long as it wasn’t a predominantly sugary food. I did get into reading labels more (which is so obnoxious, I know) but now I have better knowledge of what contains sugar.  Newsflash: a lot of things contain sugar!

Oh, and I drank wine and occasionally beer.  I ain’t crazy! Real sacrifice is for Lent!

4.  There was an end in sight.  The whole month I had the mouthwatering goal of my birthday cake to work towards. Not only was it the dangling carrot that I needed to keep me motivated, but just the thought of turning 30 and entering that new chapter of adulthood was enough to keep me focused on improving my health and striving for an adult relationship with food. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel like I made great strides this month.

Furthermore, it was good to take this break from sugar, knowing that it wasn’t for forever.  That’s always been my biggest hangup with diets.  You starve yourself to be skinny and then… you eat again and the dreaded cycle continues?  It’s so discouraging!  Like I said in my initial post, I love food.  I love sugar. I love to bake.  I’m not going to throw that away, it’s not a bad thing!  The bad thing was I was addicted to the sugar.  It’s a powerful, addicting substance and it’s not good for you in big daily quantities!  My goal was to kick my cravings and dependency so that I can enjoy the occasional treat without guilt.

5. I lost 5 pounds!  It doesn’t sound like much, but keeping in mind a. I did not cut down on my food intake at all and was constantly eating to make sure I had enough milk for Gus and b. I was already below my pre-pregnancy weight, I’m pretty stoked that I lost weight at all!

It would be a bald-faced lie to say I wasn’t trying to lose weight.  I’m your typical vain woman; I’m always looking for a way to lose a little weight and feel better about myself.  But I can honestly say that I’ve slowly let go of my obsession with those pesky numbers on the scale and on the tags of my clothes.  I’ve put too much stock in those numbers in the past.  I’ve let those numbers ruin my mood and shatter my resolve to be healthy.  It’s so discouraging to work hard and feel better physically but those numbers taunt you and tell you that you’re still a “fatty”.   It’s so unhealthy!  My worth is not in my pants size.  As much as it breaks my heart, I know my daughter will probably have these same struggles in her adolescence and young adulthood but that’s why it’s so important to me that I work to conquer these struggles in myself.

6.  My work is not done.  Going forward, I hope to mostly keep to my no sugar resolve.  I’m aiming for 70-80% no sugar as my norm. I think a key to staying on track is not making sugar a daily thing again.  I don’t know about you, but I used to be one of those people who needed a “little treat” pretty much daily and I didn’t see anything wrong with that.  I’m pretty sure that was my downfall.  I mean, I don’t even let my toddler have sugar every day.  She gets a “special donut treat” after Mass on Sunday and that’s her big sugar bomb of the week.  I need to hold myself to the same standards.

I know there are going to be seasons when I fall off the bandwagon completely.  Valentine’s Day…

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Easter, Halloween, Christmas, parties, rough times… it’s just life!  But experiencing this success will help me in the future in getting back on track.  That’s just how I am.  I resist trying new and scary things.  I tried getting into running for years before I actually succeeded.  It was hard and I always gave up, but when I finally stuck with it after Sara was born, it was a huge boost to my self-esteem.  Getting back on that bandwagon after Gus was born was tough, but I had the memory of success in the past to motivate me.  And I finally got back into shape and ran a 5K this past December.

7. If I can do it, so can you?  Well, I honestly don’t know. But if I’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s that it’s worth a shot.  Maybe you don’t have a problem with sugar.  Maybe you already eat healthfully and exercise daily.  But maybe there’s another area of your life that you need to work on.  Maybe you’re scared to start because you’re afraid to fail.  Or you’re lazy.  I am both!  I’m just saying, it’s worth a shot.  Face your demons, take that first step, don’t get discouraged and try try again.

Well, that’s 7 things, so I’m going to call it a “Quick Takes” (SNORT!) and link up with Kelly and the other quicker takers at This Ain’t the Lyceum.  Happy Friday!

7 Quick Reasons to Smile

I’m pushing against this postpartum quicksand feeling today and actually getting a post up, by golly! I thought I’d do a combination of a Quick Takes post and a reasons to smile post, which is a happy challenge posed by my friend Annemarie earlier this week.  So, here goes!

1. Our garden is in full harvest mode, and it’s helping us to be not so unhealthy in this survival season of life.  So, while we’ve been eating a lot of freezer food lately, we have fresh tomatoes, green beans and squash to go along with it.

Tried out and loved the tomato zucchini gratin recipe found here. :)

Tried out and loved the tomato zucchini gratin recipe found here. 🙂

Our carrot harvest back in July was piddling, but SK was impressed nonetheless.

Our carrot harvest back in July was piddling, but SK was impressed nonetheless.

2. And speaking of farmer Dave, not only has he been busy growing veggies and helping me stay sane in the evenings and on weekends, but he also landed an awesome new job this summer.   I’m so proud of him and grateful for all his hard work for our family.  Also, on the days when I get around to pumping, he takes the first feeding at night.  What would I do without this man?

3.This little girl is growing in leaps and bounds every day.

IMG_2956 She has so much to say lately, and it’s so adorable.  The other day, SK woke up from her nap in a grumpy mood so we cuddled on the couch with some milk and some Curious George.  Gus woke up a little while later and he was in a bad mood too, and Sara said “It’s sad, Mommy! Why Baby Gus sad?” and I said he was just grumpy after nap and sometimes she feels grumpy after nap too, right?  Sara looked at me solemnly and said “No, I just happy atter nap.” IMG_2978

SK found a faint sliver of the moon outside and said “Wook ower dere! It’s da moon! It wook wike a bana (banana), yum!”

4. And this guy.  IMG_2961He has his moments after nap and his little tummy does NOT like it when I eat Mexican food (sad day!) but otherwise he is such a happy fella.  He’s much more smiley than SK was.

5. My friends and I are doing a preschool co-op this year, and we just had a planning meeting last night.  Part of me is a little stressed because I’m the teacher. But I think I’m stressed because my experience with teaching preschool was in a professional setting.  This is just friends, and we’re all there to help one another.  There are no parent teacher conferences or difficult bosses to please, just a bunch of moms dipping our toes into cooperative at-home learning.  I am enjoying flexing my preschool muscles again.  It’s going to be a good year!

6. And speaking of muscles, I’ve started exercising again!  I started doing my maternity barre dvd again and I’ve gotten out of the house for a few jogs since last week.  I really missed running.  My first run went well and I felt like a rockstar, but I’m pretty sure there was a lot of this going on:

Basically, my baby pooch kinda irritated my incision scar; I was wishing the whole time that my compression leggings had more compression!  So on my second run, I wore spanx.  (Underneath my running clothes, sheesh!) So. Much. Better. That’s right, folks, I run in spanx and I ain’t ashamed.

7. And this definitely random crazy and weird, but it’s been making me chuckle all week. O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics.

WIWS & Some Weighty Thoughts


Loft lace top (it was a steal!), old favorite Gap outlet denim pencil skirt (worn previously here and here) and old Gap peep toe flats.

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple today to share my fine lace and denim church outfit. 🙂

I’m pretty happy with this outfit and how I look.  I’ve been feeling good about myself lately, which as my husband would tell you, is a departure from my norm.  I’ve been running longer and faster lately, finally getting closer to my summer goal of running a 6 miler.  I’ve been eating sensibly too.  I don’t stick to a restrictive diet or anything, but I don’t snack, usually have lots of protein for breakfast and a salad for lunch and a normal dinner.  I even switched to gin and tonics when I want a little drinky treat. So I feel good and I think I’m looking good.  I’ve lost inches and a pant size.  BUT.

I haven’t lost any weight.  I’m down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I have been there since April, but I figured that with this change of lifestyle that I’ve been working on and maintaining for a whole year(!) would start to pay off in numbers on the scale. I’m not technically overweight for my height, but I’ve always been on the upper end of my BMI zone, therefore I’ve always felt the itch to drop 10 pounds or so. I’m not sharing this to whine and complain or to solicit compliments. I feel pretty good and healthy and those feelings can’t just be taken away by stepping on the scale.  But I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I know that if I was more gung-ho and ran every day and did some no carb diet I would drop some weight, but at this point I’m feeling like it’s not worth it.  At this state in my life, between babies and always anticipating the very real possibility of another new blessing, I feel as though if I suddenly lost a chunk of weight, I would be very disappointed when (God willing) that little line on the stick appears. And that’s not right!  Besides, I’ve accomplished the main goal that I set out for when I started running: I’m in shape and healthy.  I wanted to be fit before having another baby so that I would hopefully have a healthier pregnancy and less scary delivery.  By the grace of God, I’ve accomplished that, I just wish I had dropped some extra pounds along the way.  Am I facing reality by letting go of my weight loss wishes or am I just being lazy?

Deep and life changing conversation, as usual.  And not vain at all. 😉

I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday afternoon! Thanks to FL&P as always for hosting everyone’s favorite Sunday link-up! 


Lessons Learned From Running My First 5K

1. You should not skip waiting in that epic line for the porta-potties before the race.  There’s a reason why the line is epic!

The number thingy will call attention to your weak midsection.  Next time wear spanx.  j/k

The number thingy will call attention to your weak midsection. Next time wear spanx.

2.  Summer 5Ks are foolish.  Next time register for one in the early spring or late fall.  Better yet, do the New Years Day one. But if you do decided to run a summer 5K, don’t expect to beat your personal record or even come close.  

3.  Don’t start your Nike running app when the horn blows and the race begins.  You are with the strollers in the back, which is about a quarter mile behind the starting line!  The app will be totally off and misleading!

4.  Do remember that you are running on the same roads that you used to drive your big pregnant self on to get to your OB appointments.  And definitely recall that only 14 months ago, Dave was driving your still-big stitched belly and your sweet baby girl over those same roads back from the hospital.  Perspective is important!

5.  Don’t pass up that first water table!  Bad idea!!

6.  Don’t bother to take pictures, even if you think it will add something to your future blog post.  Pictures will just permanently record how that big guy was ahead of you while you were running up the hill!  Wop-wop.IMG_1353 IMG_1354

7.  Nice people will stand on their lawns and cheer for you and spray you with their hoses.  Don’t be ashamed to run through the hoses with your mouth wide open.

8. Your husband will be his nerdy self and watch your progress on Google Latitude.latitude

9.  When you make your special 5K playlist, make it considerably longer than what it usually takes you to run a 5K.  No, not 3 minutes longer, at least 10 minutes longer.  Just trust me 🙂

10.  Do sprint down that hill to the finish line and don’t look at the clock because, woman, you finished!

11.  After touching base with hubby and baby, DO watch where you are going when you make your mad dash to the bathroom or else you WILL collide with a 10 year old kid and fall flat on your face and you WILL have bruises and skinned knees for weeks afterwards.

12. Watching a grumpy, hot baby in an extremely crowded place is just as challenging, if not more challenging than running a 5K in 85 degree high humidity weather.  Thank your husband.  IMG_1361

13.  Next year, get a sitter so that you and husband can hit up the beer tent afterwards.  When in Boston, do as the Bostonians do!

All-in-all, it was a really fun experience and I’m so glad I can finally say that I did it and I can do it!IMG_1359

Something to chew on

What? Two posts in the same day? Yeah why not.

I’ve been thinking of posting about this topic for a long time, but I always talk myself out of it thinking “Everyone struggles with food and their weight.  Big deal. Get over it. Do another link up!”  The fact is, I don’t want this to come off  as (or even become by the time I’m done writing it) a whiney, navel-gazing post about how I think I’m fat.  But, I’m getting tired of thinking negatively about myself and I’m getting tired of blaming food and then baking a batch of cookies and eating half of the dough.  Then last week, the awesome Jenny of Mama Needs Coffee delivered a line that finally brought home to me what my problem is.

“It was like having a healthy, grown-up relationship with food.” (read the rest here)

Bingo!  That’s exactly what I DON’T have.  That’s exactly what I’ve never had.  This is why I hate diets.  I think “If I only try this fad or if I only eliminate this food group, I’ll lose 20 pounds and I’ll be a whole different person!” Fast forward a week, maybe 10 days and I’m crashing and burning and crying to poor long-suffering Dave. Ultimately I always come to this dramatic conclusion à la  Scarlett O’Hara: “Diets are crazy!  I hate diets! As God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!”

So, I focus on working out, which is something I actually enjoy doing, and a few weeks after really devoting myself to fitness (and not worrying about what I put into my mouth because I’m hungry dammit!), I stupidly step on the scale.  And the cycle starts over again.

The thing is, though, if you truly do eat more than you should, especially carbs and processed and/or sugary foods, despite your best working out efforts, you really do need to cut back your calorie intake.  That’s just common sense!  Now that I’m nearing 30, it’s finally getting through my thick skull that I need to be an adult about my relationship with food and acknowledge that weight loss and weight maintaining comes down to simple input-output.  I also need to be an adult and face the facts about the size of my portions and the content of what I’m eating.

So, I started this week, cutting down on my carb intake and eliminating seconds at dinner.  That’s it.  No gimmicks, no absolute restrictions.  All I’m doing is eating two carb free meals and a normal dinner with no seconds. I know that carbs are my kryptonite.  But I also know that when I completely eliminate carbs I become a maniac.  So this is my adult solution and I’m admitting it here on the blog so that I have a little more accountability.  

Hi, my name is Ellen.  I have a dysfunctional relationship with food and I’m striving from now on to be an adult about it.

Ok, I also have a body image issue as well.  I blame Gwyneth Paltrow! No, but for real, part of this process is accepting the body type that I have (that I’ve always had) and the roles that pregnancy, motherhood and aging have in the current and future state of my body.  When I get to the break-down stage of the dreaded self-hate cycle, it’s always me crying because I don’t like my body, I feel unattractive, yadda yadda yadda.  And that’s the most frustrating silly part about the whole thing.  My body is my body.  Should I take care of it? Absolutely! Will I look like Gwyneth Paltrow if I take proper care of my body? Oh no no no no. Never. So enough’s enough.  Time to put my big girl pants on and get over it.  (That last sentence is highly ironic.)

So, you’ve started Ellen!  Keep us updated! Post before and after pictures! Yeah, no that’s not going to happen. When it comes to fixing dysfunctional relationships, the work is never done, is it?  People don’t go to counseling and then leave totally changed with no problems whatsoever.  I’ve always had this problem with food and with my self-esteem and I always will have this problem, so I’m viewing this as a life-long project. But that is a comforting thought to me.  I don’t have some 2 week or month deadline in which to complete some diet or cleanse regimen.  This is just me working on my input output, like a normal human being and praying for the humility to see myself as I truly am and to praise God for the gift of my life.

7QT: Shenanigans

Hey all, don’t mind me, I’m just jumping in on the linky fun over at Jen’s place again 😉

1.  If you feel like you need a big dose of humility, I suggest doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD.  I’ve been doing it for, oh, 60 days now and while I feel healthier and leaner, I’m pretty sure any fat I’ve lost has been replaced by muscle.  So weight loss?  Not so much.  Of course, I don’t know for sure whether I’ve lost weight or not, since Dave is still hiding the scale!

2.  But where does the humility come in Ellen?  That first take sounded a lot like a humble-brag.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s when you move on to level 3 after doing level 2 for a month.  Yes, you know it’ll be harder, but what you don’t know is that it’ll make you whimper and moan and finally scream in pain.  All the jumping and planking will make you wish you were wearing depends (if you know what I mean).  And, in the middle of the workout, you will make a desperate lunge for your glass of water,  à la  Marco Rubio, thus spilling water all over your living room, and splashing your baby who was peacefully bouncing in her Johnny Jumper but who is now screaming with fright and alarm at her crazed, sweaty, moaning, wet-pants mama.

3.  Poor SK.  She’s so patient with her Mommy’s shenanigans.  She’s getting to be such a big girl.  I’ve had to start putting shoes on her when we go out, because she’s just too big for it to be socially acceptable to leave the house with just socks on (oh what would Suri say??).  She looks like such a big girl in her shoes though.  It kinda breaks my heart.  She’s almost a toddler!

4. Will you all indulge me with another take about my pwecious wittle babykins?  Ahem.  So, Sara Kate finally is growing some hair(s) and this week I thought it was high time this girlie had her first little piggie tail.

Too soon?

Too soon?

5. Our favorite homegirl, Simcha, has been on fire this week.  Did you read her NCR post from Thursday about parenting?  Your really must. It’s amazing.  She completely and eloquently explains why I’m not a fan of trendy parenting practices, while at the same time completely and eloquently laying the smackdown on my pride about being anti-trend.  One day, SK or potential future other Johnson children might really need me to swallow my pride and try techniques that right now, I am very much against.

“Good parents are the ones who try as hard as they can to do what seems right to them, but still allow themselves to say, “This just isn’t working.  Let’s try something else.”‘

Wow.  It’s all about humility, isn’t it?  Read the rest here.

6. Also in the world of blogging, one of my favorite “I want her life” bloggers’ Notting Hill apartment was featured on Apartment Therapy this week.  I loved how Lauren shared her designer friend’s advice about decorating with meaningful items that you love, not expensive trendy pieces.  I also loved how they had to decorate with and around furniture that came with the apartment.  They just did the best with what they had and made it theirs.  So practical!

7. Oh, and speaking of so practical and so new on the McBlog this week, Rose finally blogged about some of her biggest Pinterest successes!  Check it out!  Rose is pretty durn talented.  We all wish we had as much talent as she has in her pinky toe.

Head on back to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes and Happy Friday!!

Christmas Staycation

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Jillian Michaels gave me a nice little New Year’s wake up call this morning when I became the (seemingly) last SAHM ever to become her punching bag, I mean, start the 30 Day Shred.  She is NOT of the race that knows Joseph (Anne of Green Gables reference? Anyone?).  I am also giving Cari’s recipe for torture success a try.  Because I’m crazy and I’m tired of feeling dumpy.

Anywho! To try to keep my mind off my achy body and viciously growling tummy, I will share some pictures from our Christmas Staycation.  Dave took off Christmas week and New Years Eve and day, so we had a nice long chunk of time together as a family at home.  We are really boring homebodies and we like it.


First baby’s first Christmas = Picture of a princess. Oh brother!


SK rocking her hand-me-down tartan dress.

It snowed and our backyard is a hill! Win-win!!!


Dave and Pat eventually broke their $6 sleds.



Pretty pathetic.

 Speaking of pretty pathetic, that’s what SK is being today… She’s very whiney and needy.  You know, in other words, just utterly charming.  I think she misses her way-fun other parent who had to go back to work today.


I did miss celebrating Christmas with family, but I realize the other day that I have some fun trip involving family planned for every month for the next 6 months!  In a couple weeks, SK and I are going to NY and staying with Aunt Rose and Margot and Ruthie while Dave globe trots for work.  In February and March, there’s Carmela’s baptism and Easter/Jude’s/SK’s birthday (respectively).  And in April, SK and I are going to be adventurous and fly out to St. Louis to see Jane and her crew!  And summer brings even more fun and travels 🙂

Happy 2013!



Virtual 5K – Check!

I did it, I did it, I did it, hooray!  I completed the Catholic Exchange Virtual 5K and I’m still living to tell the tale!

Like Cari, I had to battle spooky New England fall weather on Saturday to git r done.  Fun fact, my run route passed this house, which is not only the oldest surviving timber frame house in North America, but also allegedly haunted!

What, this house? Haunted? What would make people think that?

Anywho, I didn’t notice any spirits or spookies, probably because I was too preoccupied with how flipping COLD I was for the first half of the 5K.  The second half I was just praying that the skies would refrain from opening up.  And they obligingly did not open up!  Upon returning to the house, Dave and our friend Pat had made a finish line for me and a sign to cheer me on.  They were very proud of both!  I’ll finish this lame, self-serving post with some pictures and a thank you to Cari and Catholic Exchange for giving me a goal to work towards, because I was too nervous to work towards a real 5K with other, better runners and the imaginary pressure that goes along with that.

Pat and “the sign”.

The finish line, lovingly made out of toilet paper and beach chairs.

Cheese. I’m sweaty.


Monday Monday

This pretty much sums up my life since last week when I started “watching what I eat”.  On the fitness front, however, I’m still doing really well (for me).  On Saturday, I ran for 28 minutes straight and tonight I’m running for 30 minutes, thus completing my 4 week (which turned into more like 5 weeks) running program.  I’m on track to run the virtual 5K on September 29th with Cari and everyone else on Catholic Exchange and I’m really pumped about it!  The only problem is, I don’t think I’ve lost any weight in this whole process and that’s freaking annoying.  I don’t know for sure, of course, because Dave is still hiding the scale.  He claims he threw it out but I know he’s too much of a cheapskate to throw out something that’s perfectly fine and not broken.

Along with my diet and fitness aspirations, I also have organization goals for this week.  I’ve needed to do a deep purge for a while and I’m feeling inspired by the changed of seasons and the sudden lack of debilitating humidity.  I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one on this mission when I checked in with Kelle this morning.  I would love it if some of my cleaner, more organized McSisters who also haven’t posted in a while (ahem, Claire? Jane?) could pop on with some tips for me.  Because excuses to stop my cleaning and waste time on the internet are EXACTLY what I need!

Happy Monday!