About Us

Four sisters, three states, 12 kids. How do we close the gap in the thousand miles that separates us?  Start a blog, of course.  That’s what 21st century moms do.


And because all of the McSisters looked spiffy as brides, here’s a little wedding album for you…


Jane is the oldest McSister and resides in lovely St. Louis, Missoura.  She is the tireless wife to 1 lawyer and mother of 4 kiddos, soon to be 5!  Jane, being the oldest and the farthest from the rest of the sisters, is always the first to know of top secret news.  It is the rule that news of  pregnancies and potential baby names go through her first, before they become public knowledge. If Jane doesn’t post often on this blog, it is because she is trying desperately to find time to take a nap.


Rose is the second oldest in the family.  She is an artist, former English teacher, forever grammar nazi, Irish Dancing teacher, Mommy to almost 4 kiddos, and homemaker extraordinaire. She and her McHusband are very busy homeowners who are always in the midst of some inspirational renovation and/or gardening project.  She lives close to the mothership, just outside of Albany, NY.


Claire McSister is third in line and very helpful to have around when you are buying a house, trying to get a new job, have a strange affliction to diagnose or if you need help radically cleaning your house.  She is a Jackie of all trades.  Claire lives hazardously close to the McParents (just across the street!), therefore, her kids are the favorites and know how best to pull on McGrandparent heartstrings.  She is wife to a very mellow actuary, and mother to 3 cool kiddos.


Ellen is the fourth McSister and has the least homemaking and motherhood skills of them all!  A former preschool teacher, Ellen enjoys shopping (too much), making and eating yummies (even more than shopping),  jogging (not enough) and parentheses (see previous).  She and her physicist husband and two littles live just outside of Boston and are constantly striving to feign citizenship in the Red Sox Nation.