A November to Remember

Apart from the political angst that dominated this month (all the angst!!), there were and are some things about this November 2016 that I want to remember.

First of all, the weather has been spectacular! I know that’s such a mundane thing to record, but the thing is, I can’t remember a nicer November.  It’s been sunny and mild, most days in the 50’s-60’s, so cold enough for a jacket and some layering, but not the puffy coats and all the wintery accoutrements.  And the foliage has been so beautiful and long lasting!  I wanted to record this fact especially, since there were dire predictions made in early September that the foliage would not be spectacular this year due to the drought.  I see it as a lesson to debbie-downer Ellen to not always take dire predictions seriously!

Usually after daylight savings ends, the kids and I are inside in the afternoons since naptime used to end around when it started getting dark. But this fall, since Sara doesn’t take naps any more and Gus needs his naps cut short so he sleeps better at night, we’ve been outside  in the afternoons for a good chunk of time, raking leaves and enjoying the beautiful pink sunsets and giant moon.img_6414

I don’t know what it is, (probably nesting?) but I have been loving raking the leaves this year.  It’s been quite therapeutic mentally, and the exercise feels so good!  Dave prefers to blow as many leaves as he can into the tree line and then mow/mulch the rest, but I’ve been making bags and bags and bags, just for the heck of it.  We finished off the last of it today, which has turned out to be our first borderline bitter day of the month.  But the kids still enjoy being outside despite the cold!


I really want to remember what a sweet stage Gus is at now.  He’s talking so much more these days, and while he has his 2 year old moments, he’s much easier to deal with now than he was 6 or 8 months ago.  On Friday, Sara had lunch bunch at her preschool, which is when they can pack a lunch and stay for an extra hour to eat with their friends.  Lunch bunch days are hard for me and Gus because Gus usually needs and demands his nap right around noon.  So, in an effort to distract both of us, we went to Panera for a “special lunch.” It really wasn’t all that special; he spilled his go-gurt pouch all over the booth, gobbled down his mac and cheese in a flash, told me “all done” and tried to leave while I was still eating.  But! Later that evening when we were saying prayers and sharing what we were thankful for, Gus wanted to go first and he said he was thankful for “special wunch.”  How sweet is that?


Sara is on an intense creative kick right now.  From the moment she wakes up in the morning to the last minutes before bed, she’s at her little ikea table, coloring, writing, cutting, glueing, basically making a huge mess! But she’s so determined and she’s so intent on her work.  We went to two kindergarten open houses this week, one option being more practical in every way considering (God willing) there will be a new baby in the family next year. But the other option is a really good classical Catholic school which I think would be the perfect fit for her academically next year.  But it’s not in town like the other school! Gus and his little brother and I would spend lots of time in the car to make that school happen.  Dave and I have some discerning to do. #firstworldproblems

Anyway, life is good.



4 thoughts on “A November to Remember

  1. That is SUCH a sweet Gus story! And I heard the same prediction too about the leaves- never again will I let these predictions mess with my enjoyment of fall. 🙂

  2. This is such a great post — always look on the bright side (especially with all of the political headaches over the past half a year). Just got to squeeze the little ones extra tight. How're things going for you all now?
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