7 (or 9) QT: Spring & Summer Bucket List

Dave and I are extremely boring people.  This will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows us.  We are not the adventurous, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants types.  I guess we used to be more spontaneous before we had kids, but when SK joined our crew almost 4 years ago we very willingly hunkered down and embraced our true identities: homebodies with iron-clad naptimes and bedtimes.

Don’t feel sorry for us, people.  We are very happy being this way! But there’s something about the arrival of spring that makes me feel the itch to explore and do all the things.  And we live in a pretty awesome corner of the country with lots of things to see and do.  So we decided to compile a bucket list of things to do and see this around Boston in the spring and summer.  We committed it to paper and put it on the fridge which doesn’t make it official of course, but it does mean that it will taunt us as the sunny days full of promise roll in.  And since there are around 7 items on the list (okay, 9), I’m making it a Quick Takes and linking with Kelly. 🙂


  1. Roger William’s Zoo.  We’ve already been there, but it was when Gus was an infant.  Now he’s an almost 2 year old who becomes absolutely giddy when he encounters any animal, so another zoo visit is in store.  There is a zoo that is closer but we’ve never been there because everyone tells us its not that great.  So we’ll stick with what we know.  Do-ability level: medium-high.
  2. Castle Island.  Our neighbor is always telling us to go here because it’s a great place to watch the airplanes take off and land.  Apparently, there’s more to it than that.  Personally, I’m always romantically drawn to islands, so I’m game no matter what.  🙂 Do-ability level: medium
  3. Wellesley Park & Houghton Pond.  Okay, these are two things but the same idea.  A friend of ours works for Wellesley parks and rec and is always telling us to come to Morses Pond so we’re going to check it out.  Houghton Pond is really close by to us and part of the Blue Hills Reservation and it’s free, so we always love going there to swim and picnic in the summer. Do-ability level: high
  4. Crane Beach on a weekday.  Dave and I went to Crane Beach way back before we had kids, and while it’s a really nice beach for  New England, it was crazy packed.  He doesn’t remember it fondly.  I think we need to give it another shot though on a weekday.  To be completely honest, there are tons of beaches within an hour and a half of us, and we just need to explore a little more.  Hence, the bucket list.  Do-ability level: medium
  5. Esplanade Concert.  Egads! This one intimidates me.  Which is ridiculous because it’s one of the classic Boston things to do in the summer.  I think Dave and I might try this for a date night, because I’m still (forever?) a big bedtime stickler.  Do-ability level: low/intimidating.
  6. Storyland.  This is a little kids’ amusement park in New Hampshire.  I’ve been holding out on a trip there because the kids are so young, but I think with Sara turning 4 she’s the perfect age.  Except, she and Gus are prone to motion sickness so between the car ride and the ride-rides, this might be a fail.  Do-ability level: low-medium.
  7. Strawberry and/or blueberry picking.  I have no place in mind, I just think this would be fun. 🙂 Do-ability level: medium (should probably research farms).
  8. Stony Brook & Blue Hills Hikes.  There are tons of places around us to hike.  Stony Brook Reservation is literally less than 5 minutes from our house and we’ve never checked it out and I want that to change, dang it! Do-ability level: high-very high.
  9. Arnold Arboretum picnics: We don’t live very far from the Arboretum and we usually end up there sometime in May for a Mother’s Day picnic because it’s gorgeous.  I’d like to go to the Arboretum more often though, maybe on a weekday with friends.  Again, it’s not far away at all so it’s ridiculous that we don’t get there more often.  Do-ability level: high.


    At the Arboretum last year. Look at that baby! Sob!

So there’s what we have so far.  Any other suggestions for us from my fellow New Englanders?  I mean, we need help, we’re super lame.

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14 thoughts on “7 (or 9) QT: Spring & Summer Bucket List

  1. We're from New England, too! Wingaersheek Beach is our personal favorite ocean beach. New England is also great for conservation land so we do lots of hiking. I think your list looks great.

  2. What a great bucket list! It's so nice to finally plan outdoor activities once spring arrives. 🙂 I have one "come hell or high water" activity I want to do with the girls and then hopefully we'll get to do a few more before June.
    Also, iron-clad naptimes and bedtimes all the way!

    • Yay! I'm glad I'm not alone. Sometimes I feel like such a big stick in the mud socially because of the naps and bedtimes, but then my kids are good sleepers and I don't want to mess that up!

  3. I can totally commiserate about the homebodyish tendencies and bedtimes! How lucky that you live in such a cool area! I hope you get your list at least mostly crossed off this summer 😉

  4. I think you need to add "Playdate with the Martins" to that list! We can do a beach or berry picking near us!

    The Cape Cod Canal is a nice place to walk, what about the North End/Freedom Trail? Have you done that yet?

    Also, Storyland is like the best for little kids, we've gone so many times, it's always great. I think they are selling cheap passes now too.

  5. Are you close enough to Boston to go to the swan boats? I really want to get our children up there sometime. We love the Roger Williams Zoo! What a fun list!

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