Obligatory Update

Well, it’s been a few weeks since the last post so you know what that means: some sort of vague update is in store!  This time it’s a daybook of sorts.

Reading: Too many things, I’m a little over my head in the book department to be honest!  I’m working on The Importance of Being Little which I am enjoying, but it’s also rather damning in regards to some of my beloved preschool routines and activities.  I’m attempting to keep an open mind.  I also have Acedia and Me, which I am a little scared of starting because I know that acedia is my number one vice.  Hence, why I ordered the book!  I also have The Nesting Place waiting for me at the library, so yeah, lots of things to read!  I’m also dying to reread an old favorite, Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher. Does anyone else experience this, like a craving for a favorite food, but it’s a book?

Watching:  Downton.  Duh!  (Spoilers ahead) So, I’ve been very “meh” about Downton for the past few years because it was just getting so ridiculous, but this last season has been ah-maz-ing!  But!  Why oh why did Lady Mary get her happy ending before Edith?  I mean, Edith called it like it is.  Mary is a B.

Thinking: Stewing is more like it.  Has anyone else read this article?  I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to nurse my two, but I also know so many women who greatly struggle for various reasons and eventually need to switch to formula.  I hate these types of articles that impose moral guilt on mothers! [Update: Simcha Fisher responds! Thank goodness!  “Women are more than the milk they can make.” Love her.]

Praying:  For sick relatives, for one pregnant sister and her upcoming move and the other formerly pregnant sister and her new baby girl!  Maura Rose was born on February 8th! I can’t wait to hold her little self!

Eating:  (I feel like the following is a bit misleading because I’m not really a crunchy health nut, but it is Lent and I’m trying to stay away from sweets, so I’ve been focusing more on eating healthfully… believe me, I’d rather be baking chocolate chip cookies…and eating the dough…)  I made these homemade apple pie lara bars to snack on and today I made a big batch of quinoa and roasted veggies so I could have veggie bowls for lunch this week.  Oh!  And I made this spinach bacon chicken risotto for dinner last week like a boss! It was so good and so easy, you have to try it!

Playing: Outside!  This weekend was very mild, which was nuts because last weekend it was in the subzero temps!  It’s such a blessing to have these mild days in the middle of winter.  We also went to the indoor trampoline park this morning.  The kids didn’t like it at all.  😉IMG_5534IMG_5541

Wearing:  Too many stripes, probably.  I’m afraid we’re all going to look back on ourselves 10 years from now and shake our heads at all the horizontal stripes.  But I can’t help myself!  And I feel like it must be classy, right?

I mean.      Image

Thankful: As always, for my Dave.  I was able to get away for most of the day Saturday to view several of the Catholic Conference 4 Moms videos with some fellow Catholic moms at a nearby parish.  I came back so refreshed with my extrovert cup filled, and the kids had a great time with Dad of course.  Whenever Gus has too much alone time with Dave, he starts calling me Daddy.  Funny, he doesn’t call Dave Mommy despite me being home with him all the time.  Dad’s just a special guy. 🙂

Looking Forward:  Spring!  I can’t wait to see if the bulbs come up that I frantically planted in November. We also have a lot of house projects on the horizon.  A new roof, new paint job, maybe new paving, and hopefully a nice facelift to our living room too.  We bit the bullet and ordered a new slip cover for our couch because it’s really been looking shabby lately.  We ordered it in a dusky shade of blue instead of the parchment shade of off-white we have already and I’m so excited!  With a new couch (color) and fresh paint on the walls, it will be like a whole new room!

6 thoughts on “Obligatory Update

  1. I had to skip over the Downton paragraph because I haven't seen the episode! But thanks for letting us know ahead that there were spoilers.
    It looks like the kids had a great time on the trampolines. That was a good find.
    I have dedicated my Lent to spiritual reading so while I am having withdrawal pangs from my usual mysteries, I am benefitting from the books I am reading. One book was on my parents bookshelf 50 plus years ago that I recall looking at many times but never reading. It is "The Day Christ Died" by Jim Bishop. I just started it – better late than never.

  2. JUST pulled up Simcha's post and have yet to read it but oh do I have some words for him! Also, the mom of one of my friends once mentioned that people in struggling countries would be so grateful to have such nutritious formula to feed their children- why do we look with such contempt on mothers who use formula in our country??
    Downton- I've been stressing about how everything will come together in so few episodes but somehow each episode is full but things don't feel too rushed. Love it! And totally agree about Mary this season- wow.
    Stripes forever!

    • Gosh! I feel like I'm alone when it comes to Lady Mary; everyone knows she's awful but they give her a pass because that's just how she is, and she's so beautiful and stylish, things just have to end well with her… Well, I think Edith deserves a break! I mean, we all know she's going to end up with this Marquess dude, but I feel like the timing is so cruel!

  3. I wanted to let you know that I purchased These Beautiful Bones after reading your post last month. I haven't started it yet, but doing so (and then finishing it) is one of my Lenten goals.

    I hope the new slipcover arrives quickly and looks great!

  4. Totally agree with you about Mary. I couldn't believe what she did to Edith. That seemed really low….even for her. I haven't seen the latest episode yet, but I'm really, really hoping that Edith also gets her happy ending.

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