7QT: Frivolous Minutiae

  1. Christy pulled on my heartstrings yesterday with her “I miss blogs” post.  I really miss them too. Needless to say, our little sisters blog here has never and will never be big.  My older sisters have always struggled to find time to blog with their growing families and I’ve been struggling with that too.  More than that, though, I’ve been struggling with what the point is.  I’m not click-baity, I don’t have a major theme or area of expertise, and  I’m also not terribly deep or inspirational. Honestly, I try to keep it light and even frivolous.  But is that okay? Is that allowed? It’s strange how the internet and blogs started out as this place where there were no rules and you could just do your thing, but now it seems like there are rules and you have to play the game right.  I’m not on board with that at all.  Anyway, I’m going to still plug away when I can with my bits and pieces of frivolity. And I hope, if you have a little corner of the internet, that you will keep at it too. 🙂
  2.  I shared on Instagram a while back that I’ve been making this certain dish for lunch for myself.
    Brussles sprouts and onions sauteed in butter with soft boiled eggs on top. Salt 'n peppa!

    Brussles sprouts and onions sauteed in butter with soft boiled eggs on top. Salt ‘n peppa

    I usually aim to eat my lunch after the kiddos are down for a nap (for obvious reasons) but today I made lunch while they were eating and sat down to eat when they were done and supposed to be playing.

  3. Gus is an Oliver type of kid, minus the starving orphan part.  Just the “Please sir, I want some more”, minus the please part.  He most certainly won’t eat my brussles sprouts and eggs, though.  I give him a bite to show him.  But he still won’t stop bothering me and climbing all over the table.


    I don’t know that that is, but I want it, Mommy.

  4. Then Sara walks by and says “I fink Gussie has a poopy.” Sure enough, it was a 6 alarm situation in his diaper.  And meanwhile, my beautiful, delicious lunch grew cold on the table.  Lesson learned: no deviating from naptime lunches!
  5. Childbearing ladies of the interwebs, I had to share this recent purchase of mine with you: 

Loft Mosaic Pintucked Shirtdress

I’m super stoked about this dress because not only is it flattering on me now (not pregnant), but it also has room for a first-second trimester bump and it buttons in the front so it’s perfect for nursing.  I consider that a sound investment! Loft is having a 40% sale right now (like always), but maybe if you hold off they’ll have one of their flash sales and it’ll be even cheaper.

6.  I’ve been planning on trying out Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue because it’s name alone sounds like it would help my adolescent skin issues, and also Fran recommends it and she is my fashion and beauty guru.  However, after doing a little research (*cough* googling good BB cream for oily skin *cough*) I stumbled upon Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore beauty balm and this stuff sounds like magic! Plus it has Dr. in the name, so it will cure my acne, right? Right? Anybody else tried it/heard about it?  I’m waiting to get some Amazon points before I pull the trigger.

7. And, just to make sure this a completely random post, you all really need to make this crockpot soup ASAP.  It’s been a favorite of ours all this fall.

Alrighty, that’s quite enough of my random ramblings.  Check out the other quick takes at This Ain’t the Lyceum!

16 thoughts on “7QT: Frivolous Minutiae

  1. Yay Ellen! I love you and your blog!
    Also; I just bought brussels sprouts that I never buy. So now I have to eat them and your lunch is on point.
    And Gus is so big I just can't get over it. Tell the babies to stop growing! (Do I say this on every post?! I think I do.)

  2. My best blogging is frivolous blogging – I think we can keep at it and be frivolous together 😉

    I thought that dress looked awesome when I saw it, too! I just got a similar one but if I hadn't, I totally would have gotten that one. That type of dress just works SO nicely for nursing and flattering bodies that aren't skin & bones!

  3. That soup looks amazing, and what a great dress! Also, please keep blogging away because I love your blog. 🙂
    I have similar struggles about blogging- I'm no expert on anything and don't have the writing in me to pour out an inspirational post that will get shared over and over. I'm okay with being small and putting out random posts but- exactly what you said- is that okay? When I went to a blogging get together I felt SO silly being there- I knew my blog was small and will stay small, so when there were talks about really growing your blog and social media and getting posts re-posted, with so many bigger bloggers there I just felt ridiculously out of place! I went more for the community and am glad I went but still- I do think things have changed. Maybe the focus used to be community and support and now has moved more towards growing blogs bigger and better? Anyways, keep it up. 🙂

    • Yeah, all the blog building advice and how to use social media, etc., I'm just not into that. It's weird, you want people to read your blog, primarily friends and the community you've tapped into, but I don't want everyone reading my blog. That's just scary. And that probably sounds incredibly naive… Anyway, I know you understand, and I'm glad you're sticking with it too!

  4. First of all, keep blogging when you can. I enjoy your posts and we all need a little frivolity now and then.
    Then there is…The lunch – YUM! It will be mine tomorrow. And the soup looks delicious. I love soup but no one else here does so I end up buying single portions at the grocery store which is a very uneconomical way to get my soup fix. By the way, I had a simply delicious bacon mushroom soup last week that I have to find a recipe for. It was great.
    And finally, the dress would even look good on me, I think, except it is too short.

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