{phfr} Apple Picking

Today is a perfect crisp fall day and we had absolutely nothing planned so I decided apple picking was the plan.  But I’ll be honest, my main goal wasn’t to pick apples.  In order of importance, my goals were to:
1. Inhale a cider donut.

2. Repeat 1.  Maybe share with the kids… maybe save some to bring home for Dave.  Maybe.

3. Use the real camera for the first time in months!

4. Enjoy the fall day with the kiddos.

5. Pick apples.

Herein lies my {real (disappointing)}.  There were no cider donuts!!!  They promised me cider donuts and there were no cider donuts!  Harumph!


See? I told you it is the perfect fall day!

See? I told you it is the perfect fall day!

I can't get over this perfect fashion blogger pose. Ha!

I can’t get over this perfect fashion blogger pose. Ha!

{happy}IMG_5032 IMG_5034

This place had a fun train ride out to the apples and to a play place for the kids.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sara picked apples off the trees and Gus picked apples off the ground and threw them, because that’s what he does.



Sara in the car cracks me up.

Sara in the car cracks me up.

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10 thoughts on “{phfr} Apple Picking

  1. A train out to the apples?! How fun! And truly a bummer about no delicious cider donuts. 🙁 One year we went to our apple place during a festival weekend, and we waited in line forever to get donuts. Whenever a fresh tray arrived people would go to town filling their boxes- those things are serious business!

  2. FRIEND. There is basically nowhere here that has Apple Cider Donuts. What the heck?! I think our local donut shop has some though and I may need to go get some soon. If only I could teleport to the Carrot Barn.

    • I would have pitched more of a fit, but right when I found out that there wasn't any cider donuts, Gus smashed a jar of pumpkin butter, so I didn't want to make too much of a stink… But I was so disappointed. Have I said that already? I was REALLY disappointed.

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