7QT: Homeowner Headaches

Linking up with This Ain’t the Lyceum to share this week’s dramatic novella. Seems like Kelly has had an eventful week too!

1. This week has been one of those homeowner headache weeks.  Last weekend, it seemed like our washing machine, which we bought used and refurbished 4 years ago, had finally kicked the can, because every time I did a wash, the floor in front of the washer and dryer was a big puddle.  We played around with it a bit; Dave made sure the washing machine was level, since the floor is very much not, but that didn’t seem to help.  Every time we went downstairs there was more water. We were pretty sure it was the washing machine’s fault.  We looked behind the machines to try to find the leak and while there was some water on the walls, it was mostly on the floor.  We pulled the machine out a bit and from how much it sloshed when we did that we concluded it must be the machine.

2.  By Monday, we decided that it must be broken, so we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new washer and a dryer while we were at it since it was only a matter of time before the dryer went too, right?  That’s when we discovered that there’s no middle of the line when it comes to washers and dryers.  There’s bottom of the line and top of the line; bottom of the line is expensive and top of the line is outrageous.  We ordered this bottom-ish washer and the dryer that goes with it, but it was only after we ordered it that I read the reviews.  “Do not buy this washing machine!” “This machine doesn’t get your clothes clean.” Blerg.

3. Immediately, I had buyers remorse and told Dave we should probably cancel the order and do more research.  Dave just wanted to fix the problem and was irritated by the fact that he apparently made another problem by buying new machines.  My sister Jane talked me off the ledge by telling me that all these new energy efficient washers do a crappy job washing because they don’t use enough water.  Ordinarily, I’m 100% on board with new shiny things, but now I was mourning the loss of my ancient Whirlpool with the old fashioned agitator and inefficient water usage.  At least my clothes were always clean!

4. On Tuesday, I wanted to use the treadmill which is right next to the washer and dryer.  I texted Dave at work and asked him if it was dangerous to use the treadmill what with the puddles always seeping out.  He said no as long as there wasn’t water near the treadmill plug.


Never mind.

5. Wednesday: it’s still leaking and I’m still second guessing our washer and dryer order.  And I’m freaking the freak out.  Mystery leaks make me paranoid and panicy.  I blame Dave for making me watch Holmes on Homes with him.

6.  Yesterday I went downstairs to find this.


I don’t know why this picture is coming out sideways in the final post. I guess it figures though, right?

Oh come on! It can’t be the washing machine, I haven’t used it since last weekend!  Last night we pulled it all the way out and mopped up all the water and then waited.  We came back down a couple hours later and there was more water where the washing machine used to be, but where was it coming from?  Dave tried turning the valve off that goes to our hose outside, and then we went to bed.  We woke up this morning and it’s dry.

7. I’m still skeptical.  But at least this means our washing machine is off the hook and we don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money for crappy new machines.  Is the saga of the mystery leak over?  Let’s hope so, but I’m not counting on it!

7 thoughts on “7QT: Homeowner Headaches

  1. FWIW the new machines if not overloaded and loaded correctly (not just dumping clothes in) actually do an okay job. For really dirty things a presoak is helpful but they only do a terrible job if overloaded.

    Has it been raining a lot by you? Sometimes ground water comes into our basement if there's too much rain, especially in the low spots. Hope you get it figured out!!

    • Hi Madeline! No, it hasn't been raining, it's definitely something inside that's leaking, unfortunately. And that's good to know about newer machines, since it's only a matter of time before we really will have to get a new set. All the more reason to stay on top of the laundry and not let it pile up, huh?

  2. Oh man, what a pain. Glad it wasn't your washer. FWIW I had one of those front-loader high efficiency models (recommended by Consumer Reports) and it got all mildewy and gross. I sold it on Craigslist for $100 and bought an old-school Maytag on CL for $75. Never looked back. Pat had to clean out a bunch of junk from the new/old washer tho. . . . Also Consumer Reports says that sometimes it pays to get a higher-end washer, but dryers are all the same, so buy the cheapest dryer. But then obviously CR hasn't always come through for me . . . .

  3. Ah! No to mystery leaks! I mean, remain calm I'm sure it's fine – but I too have watched too much Holmes on Homes!

  4. I love having an old-school agitating washing machine. We have a used appliance store nearby which is where we bought it, and it was MUCH cheaper than buying new! Sorry about the leaking and I hope you find the problem soon!!

  5. Oh Ellen! Seems like a typical day at our humble abode. We had a valve break under our kitchen sink while we were gone over the weekend…. Our basement was SOAKED. If that was not enough, our AC quit on us. Turns out we needed to replace our 1060 era furnace. The headaches and unexpected expenses never stop with being a homeowner, but having your own space you can do what you want to is pretty well worth it, no?

    We need to catch up soon!


    • Yes! It's worth it, it's just such a headache when everything breaks! It's been good since then, though. Apparently it was the outside hose. I think Sara had turned it on all the way and it was leaking from the hose down under the foundation and into the basement. Since then we've been making sure the hose stays off and it hasn't been an issue. Such a simple fix this time!

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