WIWS & Flag Day

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Hellooooo What I wore Sunday! I’ve missed you.

Dress: Gap Shoes: Famous Footwear Belt: Super old H&M

Dress: Gap
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Belt: Super old H&M

If I could only wear navy and cognac for the rest of my life, I would do so happily.  I’m just a big fan of that combo, and I think it looks good no matter what the season.

This dress is pretty much perfect in every way.  The material is light but not see-through, and the waist is gathered and elasticized in a flattering way and the length is just below the knee.  And it has pockets!  I don’t know why pockets make a dress, but they just do.

And my shoes are also a recent purchase and I’m so in love with them.  Remember in the fall when I said I was on the hunt for cognac flats?  Well I never found them and I eventually gave up the hunt because winter descended and I lived in boots for several months.  I pinned these almost identical Frye flats sometime over the winter, but I never thought I’d find something similar that would fit my big wide feet comfortably. When I found these at Famous Footwear, for a fraction of the price of the Fryes but still decent quality and so comfortable, I pounced.

.        .        .       .       .       .       .

So! Did you know that today is Flag Day? If you live in my town you do because my town takes Flag Day very seriously.

We have a parade.

Sara has always loved the parade because she loves vehicles, and she loves waving to people.  This year it was even more exciting because we let her eat the candy that they threw from the floats.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This is Gus’ first ex-utero flag day parade.  Last year his view was a little obstructed.


Whew! What a difference a year makes!


17 thoughts on “WIWS & Flag Day

  1. You look great, Ellen! I love that outfit and completely agree about navy and cognac. And does SK's outfit come in adult size? Because I want to wear it.

  2. I love your dress!! And I did know it was Flag Day–our town's celebration is always this weekend (FlagFest) so we had a parade, too! Your cute little family looked much more patriotic than mine did, though!

  3. Love that outfit! And the shoes are kind of fabulous 🙂

    The homecoming parade for a local high school comes through our neighborhood every fall and it is the highlight of everybody's year! I'll be honest, I love that they throw candy too because I'm the one who gets to eat most of it!

    • I would definitely have eaten most of it, but it was mostly that terrible double bubble stuff! And seeing as I'm an elderly lady waiting for her permanent crown to go in… not a good idea. Sara did catch one twix bar, and Dave ate it!

  4. Stopping by from What I wore Sunday! I agree 100% that pockets make a dress. I don't usually put anything into said pockets but I just like having them around. I miss parades for Flag Day. When I was growing up we had parades for just about anything… not so much here in Pasadena!

    • Hi Karianna! Yes! I would never stash things in dress pockets either! I think they're nice to have to put your hands in if you feel awkward, which I often do. 😉 And that's too bad that there aren't any parades in Pasadena. I think they're so fun!

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