7QT: Terrorists, Dentists and Better Homes and Gardens

Linking up with This Ain’t the Lyceum and Clan Donaldson so I can dump all my thoughts and fears and pictures into one big post. You’re welcome!

1.  It’s been a crazy week.  I’m generally a pretty upbeat person, but everything going on in the world lately has me feeling a little depressed.  The Duggars (I liked Laura’s take that whole thing), Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, and then to top it all off, on Tuesday morning, the Boston police along with the FBI killed a terrorist wielding a giant knife which he was intending to use to behead someone, 2 miles from my house.  That last one literally hit too close to home for me.  Pray, pray, pray.

2. I’ve also been in the process of getting a crown. 

This actually has not been as traumatic as I thought it would be.  I’ve needed this crown for years, but I’ve been putting it off because $$$ and *scared*.  But now it seems like it’s the perfect time for me to get extensive dental work done.  For starters, after having 2 kids nothing much scares me anymore when it comes to medical things (famous last words).  But also, it’s been really nice to have little breaks from the kids.  My babysitter is back from college and Sara has been loving having her over to play.  It’s a win-win. And I get a crown. 😉

3.  Poor Gus has been having teeth issues too, so we’ve not been getting much sleep lately.  At 11 months, he still only has his bottom two teeth and from the way he’s been carrying on, you’d think he was about to pop another 10 teeth any minute.  I hope that’s what happens!  But in reality, it’ll probably be a couple more weeks of misery and then he’ll pop one measly tooth.  Gah!  I feel for the dude, I really do.

4.  I really shouldn’t be complaining because Dave and I both had a nice little break from the monsters this past Sunday.  Our wonderful babysitter came over mid-morning and we got to go out for brunch (best meal of the day!) and then we did the historical homes tour in our town.  More like, Better Homes and Gardens tour!  These houses were amazing! I guess I was expecting historical homes, you know, old and charming, but with sloping floors and maybe a little chipping paint? No, these houses were magazine perfect.  Every inch of each of the 5 houses was flawlessly updated and their yards and gardens were meticulous.  It was really fun, albeit a little overwhelming.  We felt like such schlumps! If only these people knew what part of town we live in!IMG_4348 IMG_4350

5. I didn’t take too many pictures because I thought that would be a little creepy, but one of the houses is for sale, in case you’re in the market and have 1.8 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

6. But wait, do you want lots of pictures? I thought since Cari started a link-up, I’d share some pictures of our garden so far.  We are the worst at weeding, which is why we mulch like crazy, but there’s still grass and weeds poking up.  Just keepin’ it real. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe big net thing in the back is our trellis for the cantaloup, cucumbers and green beans.  Hopefully it holds up! We have two rows of broccoli there on the left side of the garden.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s squash in the middle there, and under the mesh canopy, there are peppers and basil.  Every year our basil and peppers are eaten by beetles in July, so Dave got this canopy.  But, we’re thinking we need to take it off soon so the peppers can be pollinated.  We’ll see what happens with this set-up.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are two tomato plants in the back there and then rows of onions, carrots and lettuce.  Clearly we need to be eating more salads!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the far right side of the garden is our strawberry patch.  We have them covered with netting and that seems to be keeping many of the pests away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey’re doing really well so far! We’ve been getting about 5-10 strawberries a day since Monday.  Sara loves it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, we have these monster snap peas in the front.  They’ve grown way taller than the fence but they’re finally started blossoming, so peas should come soon!

7.  We have a fun weekend ahead of us! My sisters Mary and Joanie are coming in tomorrow and on Sunday, Mary and I are running a 5K.  And guys! It’s Donut Day, so when Gus wakes up from his morning nap, we’re walking to the neighborhood Dunkies for our free donuts. If you walk there and back, the calories don’t count, right? Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

10 thoughts on “7QT: Terrorists, Dentists and Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Ellen! That's scary!! I would be a nervous wreck too.

    But your garden looks amazing and I'm beyond impressed you're running a five k! You can do it!

    • It is really scary. I mean, it's better that the cops got to him before he beheaded someone, right? I should feel confidence in my local law enforcement at least! It's just a scary time in the world. Sigh.. but yes, lots of lovely things to live for, and a happy weekend coming up. And for you, it's lilac time! That's my favorite week of the year, the week that the lilacs are in bloom. 🙂

  2. Your garden is awesome, and the homes tour sounds really cool! Totally sympathize with the depression with the world, the teething and lack of sleep, and dental work! Have a fun weekend and enjoy your donut!

  3. I saw a squirrel LIFT UP OUR NETTING, help itself to a strawberry, and leave the strawberry patch this morning. Clearly I need to adjust things but the season's almost over here and we're about to go strawberry picking and have more than we can possibly eat so it might not be worth it… But lesson learned, net better next year!

    • Squirrels are the worst, aren't they? We've been seeing more pecked berries towards the end of this week and we can't figure out who's getting them. I haven't caught any of them red-handed yet. But, can you blame the little buggers? Homegrown strawberries are the best!

  4. Your garden is amazing. I wish I knew more about gardening, but I don't want to put the energy into learning about it, because lazy. Hope you have a lot of fun with your sisters!!

    • Ha! That's me! It was my hairbrained idea to have a garden back in the day, but if Dave hadn't gotten all into it with his nerdy self, there would be no garden. I mean, I help with it, but the vast majority of it is Dave's work.

  5. Two miles from your house?? Oh Ellen. Scary. . . . . We had a fairly big drug bust at a motel 3 blocks away from us. It wasn't violent but those things can be. My parents still insist on staying there when they visit us. . . . Also the motel just happens to be across the street from our Dunkin Donuts. Gotta love a DD w/in walking distance. . . . Also, your garden is awesome! And thanks for sharing the link to my post!

    • Yeah, the cvs parking lot where they got this guy (where there is ALSO a Dunkin Donuts because, Boston) is right next to the church that we sometimes go to for 9am daily mass. It's nuts. And that's funny that your parents still insist on stay at that motel. Are your parents cheapskates like mine?? Or do they just like their Dunkies? 😉

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