Winter Momdrobe

Just as sure as the seasons change (at least technically according to the calendar, not according to real life in Boston), Ellen is sure to pen a post or two about fashion.  Not because I’m some sort of expert.  HA! No, because I truly enjoy it, and in some ways I think I have finally figured out what works for me, at least what works for me right now. Right now = the season I’m in in my life & the weather season = in-between pregnancies/at my normal weight & winter.

The key for me has been acceptance.  Try and wish as I might, I have never and will never have long slim legs, a trim waist, a defined jawline and slim arms.  It’s no biggie! So why do I beat myself up for my perceived shortcomings? Dave has always loved how I look, and I take care of my body through exercise and a good diet, so why should I always be down on myself? So lately my goal with my momdrobe has been to accentuate me, not the imaginary, slim, fashionable me I wish to be.  I’ve sought out colors and cuts and styles that I think work for me and that make me feel confident and pulled together. Here’s what’s working for me right now:


Looky who figured out how to make collages! I went a little crazy. So, here’s an example of a typical everyday outfit for me. Some of these items I specifically own (the bag and boots were my birthday and Christmas presents) and the other items are similar to what I own. I’ve found that dark skinnys are my jam, especially paired with tall boots of some sort. Together they kind of slim out my bottom half. Looser sweaters (but not too loose!) de-emphasize my midsection which has always been my trouble area, now even more so after the kiddos. And most days you’ll find me wearing my ancient Target pearl studs. They’re simple, they go with everything, and they don’t clash with my glasses.

Everyday Winter

Here’s another everyday example. Same skinnys because they go with everything! I only have 2 pairs of skinnys and a backup pair of bootcuts and that seems to work out. I have knock-off Sorel boots from Old Navy that are several years old; they look the part but they’re only slightly waterproof. I own the tan striped layering shirt from Loft and I wear it under a cream colored sweater and it’s cute and cozy! Don’t own the earrings, but I wish I did. 🙂



Here’s an example of a church outfit, a What I Wore Sunday of sorts. 😉 I have very similar items in my closet, down to the bee earrings. I love a subtle jolt of whimsy! Pencil skirts seem to accomplish the same thing as my skinny jeans + boot combo. You’ll notice that all three of these collages involve boots. Folks. I haven’t worn SHOES since the beginning of December! It’s just been too messy, snowy and cold to wear shoes. Oh, and I’ve tried booties, they do nothing for me, or maybe I haven’t found the right pair. Anyway, I don’t need booties when I have nice tall boots. I’m not complaining, it’s been freeing to wear boots every day and not think about it. But I’m ready to get back to my flats and sandals!

And sandals brings us to to where I leave you off till next time. I’m dreading summer because of the clothes. See, I know what works for me in winter wear. I’m all about the boots and the layers. Nobody has to see my arms! Summer dressing is a challenge for me. It takes a lot of creativity, trial and error, and even more acceptance. But, I’ll save that for the next momdrobe post!

12 thoughts on “Winter Momdrobe

  1. Ellen, you are my spirit animal. Now to get healthy so I can shed the baby weight, even if I'm never skinny again.

  2. Lovely! My casual outfits are very similar, right down to the pearl earrings and the 2 pr of skinnies + a backup pair of bootcuts. Except that I recently added a pr of Target skinnies to the mix. . . . I'm a bit ashamed to say I've been wearing jeans to church (w/ a blazer) b/c none of my pencil skirts fit anymore, boohoo!, and I'm tired of my one dress. . . . My first stitch fix arrived today but I'm making myself finish my work b/f I try it on. So yeah, on that note. . . .

  3. ooh, I love fashion posts, but I especially loves ones from moms with relatable lives. 🙂 Love these outfits, and I'm with you on the pearls and skinnies!

      • When I first started reading Ain't No Mom Jeans, maybe 3 years ago, there was some post to the effect of, "Are skinnies on their way out." And I was like, "Wait, no, I haven't even tried them yet."

        Seems like they're still going strong. 🙂

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