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Okay, 7 quick takes. Let’s do this! 

1. First, an obligatory weather take:


It might as well say sunny skies and high of 75 for the next week!  I am so flipping excited that spring is finally on the way!

2. So, SK loves Mary Poppins, and I love Mary Poppins for all the obvious reasons, and also because it’s soooooo looooooong. SK does the typical toddler thing where she watches some scenes very intently, but she also plays through large swaths of the movie.  But during the dancing & singing scenes, she dances.  And she demands that we dance with her.  During the chimney sweep part, she grabs her electric toothbrush and demands that I do the same and come dance with her and today I finally got a picture of this craziness.  IMG_3897

3. She also loves to sing (and dance, and make us dance) Let’s Go Fly a Kite.  It’s terribly sweet, but also a little grating.  See, Sara has a very high-pitched sweety-sweet voice and when she sings, she somehow sings in an even higher pitch.  So when she’s belting out “Wets go fwy a kite up to the highest kite (sic)” her voice is literally up there with the highest kite in the highest heights.  It’s a good thing we don’t have a dog.

4. You want more SK sweetness? Okay! This week we got out of the house (!!!) and brought several boxes and bags of stuff to Savers and then shopped for a bit.  I picked up some much needed galoshes for Sara since we’ll have melting snow and mud till June at least.  When we checked out, my clearly cooped up girl starting chatting up the cashier.

SK: Hi! My name is Sara Kate! I’m number 2

Cashier: Hi, I’m Chris

SK: Hi Chris! This is my baby bruver, Baby Gus.  He’s so cute.  Want to say hi to him? It’s my birthday, but it’s not my birthday. My birthday is in April.  We going to Mimi and Baba’s house for my birthday… (and so on and so forth.  She wouldn’t let the cashier get a word in edgewise but she shocked us at the end when we were leaving.)

SK: Bye! Thank you, Chris!

5. Don’t worry, guys.  I have iphone pictures and anecdotes about Gus too.IMG_3860

Gus is 8 months old, such a mama’s boy, and absolutely huge. He also has the most ridiculous shock of white blonde fuzz on the top of his head, and it’s growing taller and taller every day.  We can’t wait to see how high it grows.

He hasn’t quite figured out how to get around which is mostly a relief to me, but it is annoying when he goes on a whining bender because he wants to move but he just can’t do it yet.

But what he can do is jump. He loves his Johnny Jumper. And he bellows as loud as his little lungs will allow while he’s doing it. They’re happy, but serious bellows.  He means business when he yells, I just don’t quite know what kind of business and why!  Anyway, between his jumper bellowing and Sara’s Let’s Go Fly a Kite, it has become much noisier in this house lately!

6. I haven’t been reading much on the ole’ interwebs lately.  I didn’t give it all up, obviously, but I did give up bloglovin for Lent and I’ve been keeping my computer closed until naptime. So my apologies to my blog friends if I’ve missed any fun posts of yours recently. 😉

But! I have been keeping up with Emily Stimpson’s food blog, The Catholic Table.  Not only does she have some great recipes, but I also really appreciate her insight on how our faith should inform our relationship with food.  Check it out!

7.  And finally, I’ve also really been enjoying all the 50th anniversary articles about and tributes to The Sound of Music, my favorite movie of all time.  I was absolutely dumbfounded by Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute performance at the Oscars.  Flawless!  What the heck was NBC thinking when they cast Carrie Underwood as Maria last year?

50 years of solving a problem like Maria.

An interview with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

The real Von Trapp Family.

Happy weekend, everyone! Good luck springing forward! And, of course, click back to This Ain’t the Lyceum for more Quick Takes!

3 thoughts on “7QT: Mommy Blog

  1. So much to love in this post Ellen . . . hey have you read the original Sound of Music, the autobiography of sorts by Maria von Trapp? It's a great read, and I think it might be up your non-fiction alley.

    • I have actually read the book! But a long time ago, I need to revisit it. I know my mom has a copy and even before I read it (so when I was a young kid) I would examine the photos for hours. It was disappointing to me how different the real Maria looked from Julie Andrews. I've since forgiven her for that! 😉

  2. hahahaha! I can relate to SK's oversharing–Grace does the same thing! I'm pretty sure the pizza delivery guy didn't really care that she's four and in full-day pre-k now 😉

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