OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Ok, to set this story up, I have to explain (and attempt to not be braggy in the process) that Dave is a very handy guy.  He can basically fix anything that’s broken.  Now, our 2 year old knows this and is very proud of him and confident that he will fix any problem and/or broken thing in her little world.]

Yesterday, I shattered my iPhone screen.  It just figures as our contract is up in less than 2 weeks so we were due for new phones anyway! So today, Sara discovered the fact that my phone was broken when she went to move it for some reason and I jumped and said “Don’t touch it honey, it’s broken!”

SK: “Oh no! Your phone is broken? Daddy can fix it.  Daddy!!”

She runs to find him.

“Daddy! Mommy’s phone is broken! Come see! You hava fix it. Get your tools, Daddy.”

Dave: “Daddy can’t fix it with his tools, baby.  He’ll fix it with his wallet.”

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    • Yes! My mother-in-law crotched the hat and muff set for Christmas! Isn't it precious? And so practical too! We're always losing mittens, but this thing has a string around the neck and she can put it on herself. Genius!

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