1. Today we’re having a lazy, at-home day after a couple days of crazy.

2. Today Gus is back to his old self after a scary high fever on Wednesday that sent us to the doctor.  We went to the doctor again yesterday because it was his 4 month check-up anyway.  Gus is off the charts for height, having grown 4 inches since September.  And he weighs a whopping 17 pounds 9 ounces!IMG_3400

3. Today SK and I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  So far so great!IMG_3393

4. Today SK has been in and out, helping me with the cookies and going out to enjoy the fall snow.IMG_3394

5. Today I’m still in my workout clothes and unshowered.  I foresee a naptime shower and maybe(!) a very much needed pedicure afterwards. Fingers crossed!

6. Today I’m angsting as I tend to do, this time about the future.  I love these at-home days.  I love that Sara can play outside or inside independently, just being creative and no one rushing her.  I’m worried that when school starts in a few years, life is going to be crazy and these peaceful days will be no more.  I wonder whether I should homeschool, but then I worry that my tendency to be laid back would get the better of me.  Either option requires a lot of growth and discipline from me, and honestly, that’s probably where most of this anxiety is coming from. I fear that I don’t have it in me to have school-aged children.

There’s no right answer, I just have to keep praying about it and be open to all the options.  Good thing I have a few years!

7. Today, obviously, I’m blogging!  This is sounds so smugly cliche (much like the whole”today”theme of this post), but life is just really full lately.  I’m not over-committed, but I just feel like I have my hands full with the house and our activities and these two.  I don’t want to give up on the blog all together, but I clearly can’t keep up. I guess I’ll just pop in from time to time when I have some time and some working brain cells.

And look! Seven things!  Linking up with Jen  Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum for 7 quick takes today. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Today

  1. You'll figure out the whole school thing and what works best for your family. Don't stress! I'm not closed-off to homeschooling, but I really love that we have a great Catholic school option (at least for elementary) and at least so far, it hasn't added too much crazy to our family/routine. We'll leave that to the new baby. 🙂

    Glad to see you back here, even if it won't be regularly!

  2. Ellen! I've been thinking of you and hoping you're doing well because I haven't read you in so long! I can't believe how adorable and big Gus is getting. He's so sweet. And try not to stress too much about school, I know I had mini freak outs too when Gemma was little but really when the time came everything made itself clear and the stress was not necessary, thank goodness. Anyway-glad you posted today! 🙂

  3. Hope Gus is feeling better! And I have the same feelings about school. Right now I'm so, so glad we don't have to be out the door every morning at early o'clock or deal with homework assignments. 🙂

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