7QT: Mostly Clothes, a little Montessori

Linking up with Jen Fulwiler again for 7 quick takes Friday on Saturday!

1. It’s the weekend again, I can’t believe it!  That old cliche about the days being long is so so true, but the weeks, not even years are flying by for me right now!  Gus turned 2 months old on Wednesday and last night he only woke up twice to eat.  Granted he woke up an hour after his last feeding because he was very anxiously working on a poo and needed some comfort. This guy gets so bent out of shape when he’s got a poo coming!

TMI Mom.

TMI Mom.

2.  Thanks to all you ladies who helped me with my mom jean dilemma! After much deliberation and a solo return trip to le Gap to try on the online pair and other pairs back to back, I decided to keep the online pair! I’m still a little weirded out by how high they come up, but holy comfortable!

3. Along with the new jeans, I’ve added a few more items to my momdrobe recently to help usher in the fall.  I got this pair of crops from Old Navy and I’m very pleased with how they fit and look.  I really really really wanted them in the Go Pinot Go color (a burgundy color) but they sold out like hotcakes.  The navy ones I got are really cute though and go with a lot of my neutral wardrobe.

4. Also,

awkward head tilt

awkward head tilt

this tee shirt was $8 at Old Navy. For some reason I’m JUST catching on to the fact that cranberry (especially heathered cranberry like this tee) works really well with my complexion.  And, it goes with pretty much all of the main colors in my wardrobe: navy, white, gray, khaki/beige.  You know, neutrals.  Woot!

5. I also picked up that sweater I tried on with the jeans at Gap.  I ended up getting it in gray because, NEUTRALS. I ordered it online because they had a 45% off online sale this past week, but also because I can get talls online.  This has been a new, awesome discovery of mine: ordering talls.  I’m not technically a tall person, and tall pants would look ridonkulous on me, but tall tops usually look pretty good on me because they hit my hips at that flattering spot.  And, if they shrink a bit in the wash, it doesn’t ruin the fit as drastically.  I also reordered a pair of shorts in tall this summer because the regulars were just too short.  Talls were an inch longer and it made a big difference!

6.  Now, I need your help again friends.  I’m looking for a good pair of cognac leather flats. Have you seen that blog Franish?  I love love love her style and it helps that I’m basically her SAHM doppelganger. Anyway, she’s turned me on to cognac accessories and I’m on the hunt for a pair of flats like her Banana Republic pair, but cheaper.  It seems as though I should be in luck though because cognac flats are everywhere this fall.  But!  I have this little problem of my feet being newly stretched from this past pregnancy.  I already had big size 10 feet.  Now they’re size 10 wide (a difficult size to find!) or just huge old size 11. [ I should take up swimming again.  With these new and improved flippers, I could totally take on Michael Phelps.]

I already tried these:


So cute! So tight!

Then I tried these on in the store and they’re just not comfortable for big wide feet.  Gap sells these but they show a lot of toe cleavage and I’m not a fan.   So, does anyone have any suggestion for wide footed gals?  I really want a pair of simple flats, preferably with a classic little bow like Fran’s.

7.  Confession: I’ve been a bit of a Montessori hater for a few years now.  I learned about Montessori a little in college while working on my Early Childhood Education degree.  All it was presented as was a teaching style.  I didn’t have an issue with any of the methodology I learned then, but since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how much of a thing it is.  I hate things.  I really hate trendy parenting and education practices because people get so bent out of shape when things aren’t perfectly “Montessori!” or “Attachment parenting!” The thing is, I know there is good in these camps, you just have to pick out what works for you and not be bullied into doing things all the way if you don’t agree with everything.  Case in point: apparently something that is considered to be a Montessori practice is giving your 9 month old a glass tumbler for drinking water.  That strikes me as crazy cakes.  But I shouldn’t write off everything Montessori because some things aren’t my cup of tea.  Or glass tumbler of water. 😉

Anyway, where am I going with this?  Now that I’m embarking on this preschool co-op with friends, I’ve wanted to research Montessori more.  I’m still skeptical, but I’m trying to be pragmatic here and do my research.  I know there’s a lot of good in the Montessori method, especially when it comes to implementing things in a home setting.  Whether we decided to homeschool our kids or send them to school, I’ll always be an educator at heart along with being the first and most important teacher to my kids.  That said, I have a desire to continue to learn and develop my personal education philosophy.  Researching and being open to different methods is part of this process.  I’m reading this book now as part of my research. Do any of you have other book recommendations?

Have a great holiday weekend, friends! 🙂

7 thoughts on “7QT: Mostly Clothes, a little Montessori

  1. Look at Naturalizer's Maude style flat. Not *quite* as expensive as the BR flats, they go up to size 11 and they come in wide. I justify the price because 1. they're real leather, 2. the sole is a little more substantial than a cheapo ballet flat.

    But be honest with me, are they totally old lady shoes?

    You totally are Fran's doppelganger!

  2. I had my eye on those pinot pants, too! I love the color. And I've been buying "regular" clothes all my life and only recently realized buying pants in "short" usually works better for me- isn't it amazing the difference a bit of length makes in an outfit? I prefer longer tops, so I'll have to look into tall tops sometime. I hope you can find some great, comfy flats!

    • Stacy and Clinton would be proud of how we've finally figured this out! Oh, and happy labor day sales shopping, friend. I hit up the jcrew factory sale yesterday (for tall sweaters for the husband!) and I thought of your crazy mail story. I hope my package doesn't get "lost" in the mail!

  3. Cognac is my jam. I have boots, a belt and straps of a purse (lol, the purse itself is tan) and I too am looking for shoes! There are $35 leather ones at Target, at least online. And some cheapie Target ones that are like $16 as well.

    As for Montessori, one thing I've come across is the difference between what Maria herself believed and what Montessori is now. Now it's all wooden beautiful toys, and I think that's good, but Maria's time didn't have plastic. I'm sure she wouldn't have been so anti plastic toys – as long as they were the same theory. Pretty sure she'd be annoyed with the image her name has taken on. I'd suggest reading The Absorbent Mind. I read about half of it before tax season took over my brain. It's good. (And sometimes damning but just skim those parts. Haha)

    • I always forget Target because we actually don't have a Target very close by. I'll have to check them out.

      And the whole plastic vs. wooden toy debate is one of the many things that irritates me about modern Montessori militants. You're right, Maria would be sad that her theory has in some instances become this glossy, expensive, and trendy type of schooling. I will check out that book, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. The absorbent mind is great! And this book

    "Montessori from the start" really is what I enjoyed reading. I agree about the plastic toys. We have tons of plastic toys…. the stuff at Lakeshore Learning is very Montessori if you ask me, and most of it is colorful plastic. Who cares, it's the philosophy of kids needing purpose, and movement with education that I saw really was the natural way my kids were learning.

    Also, I struck glass tumblers from this house after trying that for about a week.

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