Postpartum pieces and bits

Life is really real with a toddler and a newborn.  I hope this transition to 2 is my hardest and 3 is easier.  Jinx! IMG_2895

I’m not good at doing things when I’m lacking sleep.  I know, you’re thinking “doing things” is a very broad statement.  What do I mean?  Just that folks. I mean just that.  Doing things, doing anything!  We’ll start with talking.  Words are escaping me right now in an alarming way. I’ll be telling Dave something and I’ll trail off and then completely blank and then literally bite my tongue.

Work it.

Work it.

Speaking of sleep affecting my cognitive powers, this past weekend during Gus’ baptism party I was talking to Rose and some of my girlfriends about Gus’ mysterious 3 am gas attacks.  Someone suggested that maybe I’d had some cabbage, maybe a spring roll?  Yes that was it! Then I realized, no, I was just thinking of that NBC reality show Food Fighters and how they had made spring rolls in the last episode.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And speaking of Gus’ baptism, it was so lovely and we had such a great party afterwards.  It was not Martha Stewart worthy in it’s presentation or quality of food (hello Stop and Shop deli platter!) but we had so many family and friends come and the weather held out so it was such a nice time relax and be with all the people we love.  Oh, there I go again with my brain! My sweet friends here did generously bring some food to add to the mix that was delicious and beautiful so take that Martha!

Gus and his Godmommy Jane.  I think he likes her. :)

Gus and his Godmommy Jane. I think he likes her. 🙂

People are so sweet and generous.  I’ve only just started being responsible for cooking dinner at night again, my friends and family are that amazing!

Probably 5 out of the past 7 days, I’ve discovered around 2 in the afternoon that I forgot to brush my teeth.  This never used to be a problem!

Baby boy poopy bums are much harder to clean than baby girl poopy bums.


Backyard pool time means no bathing suit necessary. #lowstandards

Daniel Tiger’s insistence on teaching emotional language is going to be the death of me and my attempts to raise a decent toddler.  “I’m so FWUSTWATED!”

Gus is not only a Mama’s boy, but he’s also literally clingy.  He grabs onto my hair or my necklace with such a death grip and if I try to pry his fingers open, he starts hysterically crying!IMG_2905

Can a person have a love language that comes and goes?  I am most decidedly not a physical touch person with my kids lately.  SK has always been a very independent kid, but ever since Gus came home, she’s been extremely needy, especially physically needy, especially right when the baby is nursing after keeping me up all night nursing.  I’m just a leeettle touched out.  But on the flip side, one hug or a shoulder rub from Dave makes me melt into a puddle of mush, so I guess I still do like physical affection.

When SK wants me to do something with her but I can’t because I’m holding/nursing the baby she says “Put it down! Put the baby Gus down, Mommy!”


I’m not going to lie, these first few weeks have been tough.  But even in my exhausted stupor, I find myself at least once every day marveling over the fact that I have 2 kids. I feel so unworthy and so overwhelmed (in a mostly good way!) by my blessings especially after last week.  I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sarah Harkins and how she and her unborn daughter Cecilia passed away last week.  Sarah was in my household, although she graduated my freshman year so we didn’t really know one another.  I remember her from alumni visits, though, especially how stunningly beautiful she was and her fun sense of humor.  It’s just been so devastating, I don’t know what to say or write.  Others have written some beautiful things about her though, so I wanted to share their thoughts:

Jenny’s post Sarah and the Saints

My friend Annemarie wrote 3 posts here, here and here

The Washington Post even had a touching piece on Sarah’s life.

That’s all I’ve got folks, nap time’s over.  Happy Hump day y’all.


3 thoughts on “Postpartum pieces and bits

  1. You forgot to mention how you walked the Freedom Trail with a five-week old and a two-year old a day after that baby's baptism! I could never do that. Rock star! Also, I'd like a copy of that picture of Gus and I. Grathiath.

  2. They are so adorable. I know it's such a hard slog getting through the first weeks. I won't pretend that I can say it's not. But Gus is so sweet, and Gemma just walked by and saw his picture and asked what his name was, then said, "Well, that's a cute name for that little guy!" You're doing really great Ellen, one day at a time, man.

  3. Hmm, well you've just reminded me that all my "maybe 1 to 2 will be an easier transition than 0 to 1" daydreams are completely unrealistic. But it seems like despite it all you're doing great (or at least looking great – love the Baptism photo and your dress!!)

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