He’s here!



Just wanted to jump on the ol’ blog to let Ellen’s faithful readers know that they can release the breath they’ve been holding all weekend — Gus has arrived!

How cute is that little face? His full name is Augustine Anthony and he was 8lbs 12oz, which is nothing compared to his big sister’s birth weight (and yes, compared to any of Claire’s kids) but I still think it’s pretty good. Mom and baby are doing well and SK is hanging with Mimi and Aunt Joanie for the week. I’m sure Ellen will be back with more details soon!

4 thoughts on “He’s here!

  1. Ahhhh, I'm the worst blog reader lately and totally missed Gus's arrival. He is soooooo cute!! And chubby cheeks already, amazing! I love his name and can't wait to hear more, Ellen. But snuggle that new baby boy and make me wait 🙂

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