Mindy Kaling Is My Homegirl (and other takes about food)

1.  You guys.  I’ve always liked Mindy Kaling, but now I’m convinced we are soul sisters.  This segment from Jimmy Kimmel was just too funny and I could totally relate, especially when she said “It takes a lot of effort to be a normal/chubby woman.” Preach!

(Fun fact: My ob was friends with Mindy Kaling’s mom, who was also an ob in Boston.  Does that make me funny/cool by association? She’s also just an amazing woman and ob.)

2. It reminded me of an incident last year.  Dave and SK and I were at a social event with several other families, some that we knew well and several that we did not know.  One woman there who I didn’t know was trying to get her bearings in the group, figuring out who’s spouse was who’s and who’s kid was who’s.  One of my friends had just had a baby and her husband was holding the baby, and the woman I didn’t know asked if it was my baby.  Perfectly innocent question and I know it wasn’t asked out of malice or judgement or anything like that.  But my thinking was “Darn it!  I’m more than a year postpartum and I’ve been running and eating healthfully and I feel good about myself! Do I really look like I just had a baby?”  I know, this whole incident is silly and I should just let go of it. [Better yet, it’s a great opportunity to grow in humility, Ellen!] But when Mindy Kaling said that it takes effort to look normal I’m like “YESSSS!!! You’re speaking my language Mindy!!!!” I really do work hard to look normal and keep it around a size 8. Thank you, Mindy Kaling, for trying normalize normal for the rest of us schlumps!

3.  Now I’ve automatically committed myself to 5 more takes because it’s Friday and that’s what everyone does.  So here goes…

4.  I’m nearly 38 weeks pregnant!  I can’t even believe it.  Remarkably, I feel really good physically.  With Sara’s pregnancy at this point, I was literally a beached whale.  I was so swollen and uncomfortable and didn’t know how I would last another 2-4 weeks.  I’m not saying I’m bursting with energy and running 5 miles a day or anything, but I’m definitely not feeling as crummy as I was last time.  Emotionally though, I’m a mess.  I’m sure Dave, my mom, and my friends are all shaking their heads forlornly in agreement.  Sorry guys.  It’ll be over soon, and thanks for being there for me!

5. I’m on a baking kick lately which totally refutes my claims in take 2 of working hard to look normal but… pregnancy!  No, the real reason I’ve been baking more is because I got a thing of buttermilk last week and I’m determined this time, THIS TIME! I will use all the buttermilk before it goes bad!  [I know, I know, I can freeze it, but then I forget about it or I don’t allow myself time for it to thaw when I’m making something that needs buttermilk.  Believe me, I’ve tried!  Why don’t they make smaller containers of buttermilk??] So, earlier this week, SK and I made this banana bread and it turned out soooooo goooooooood.  For the past few years, I’ve tried all the healthy, low sugar, low bad things recipes and I’d forgotten how delicious real, fatty banana bread is. Yummmm.

6.  And today is rainy and gloomy and SK has a bit of a cold, so we stayed in, stayed in our jammies and made my favorite Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake.

You can see some of our pretty new kitchen paint in this picture.  I promise I'll do a kitchen post next week!

You can see some of our pretty new kitchen paint in this picture. I promise I’ll do a kitchen post next week!

Do any of you have favorite recipes using buttermilk?  Send ’em my way!

7.  Oh, and I have to share with all the other preggo ladies out there in case you struggle, as I do, with the dreaded night-time charlie horse attack.

Except it’s toes and legs!

A friend of a friend is a doula and I picked her brain over the weekend about what to do about them because mine were getting really bad last week.  She suggested coconut water, but not plain coconut water (she said plain is nasty. I wouldn’t know because I don’t buy healthy things.) but the chocolate flavored kind.  I went out the next day and got some Zico chocolate flavored coconut water and my legs have been great this week!  No charlie horses and no stiffness and soreness.  And the stuff tastes like coco puffs.  Win-win!

Linking up my 7 quick ones with Team Whitaker.  Happy Friday!

15 thoughts on “Mindy Kaling Is My Homegirl (and other takes about food)

  1. Love Mindy…love, love, love. I take magnesium supplements for my charlie horses. I got them while pregnant with JP and Maggie, and once I started the magnesium they stopped completely! I keep taking it because it makes my muscles ache less after workouts. Win to the win win, indeed. Maybe coconut milk has magnesium??

    • It does! It has as much (or more) magnesium as a banana, but none of the fiber or whatever it is that makes you constipated.

      • Gah, blonde moment, it's potassium that bananas and coconut water have. But I just checked and it does have magnesium as well!

  2. I never buy buttermilk for those recipes, I just make it on the spot with milk and vinegar. No more wasting buttermilk! Is that Carrot Barn Michelle's banana bread recipe?

    PS I can't believe you are 38 weeks already! Almost there!

    • I do the buttermilk cheat in a pinch too, but I don't think it's as good as the real thing. Buttermilk snob over here.

    • I always fake it, too! I try to save the buttermilk when I make butter, but then I forget about it and it's pointless… I can't tell the difference!

  3. Kinda pumped because I have three disgustingly ripe bananas and I was gonna make banana bread anyway, and this recipe looks way better than the one on the flour bag that I was going to use hahaha. I don't have buttermilk, but I use it all the time to make a creamy pesto pasta sauce (try it! Just mix some in pesto and then throw whatever veggies you have lying around into the sauce over pasta and voila. Dinner). Loved the mindy clip, too. I'm another hard worker for my normal bod!

  4. Chocolate coconut water?!? I had some plain stuff at Costco on sample one day and it really was the nastiest. Seriously. But chocolate? I can maybe see that working. Duly noted.

  5. Mindy…so true so true. I remember when I first watched that and thought, Yes! Of course! But no body admits it…

    I can't believe you're 38 weeks already. Internet friends pregnancies go so much faster than mine 😉

  6. I am no longer allowed to read your blog while also trying to put the baby down. I. Laughed so loud multiple times I woke her up, oops! So happy the coconut water did the trick, Mary is amazing! It's also great for labor since they don't let you eat anything.

  7. This is late, but thanks for sharing that clip of Mindy! We need more voices like hers out there- it's okay to be healthy and not be rail-thin… or at least, that's what I keep telling myself, since I never did get back to pre-Grace weight. 🙂

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