7QT: Late and Messy

Linking up a day late and dollar short with the famous, published, and fabulous Jen Fulwiler, author of Something Other Than God. [Whew! Lots of words in that sentence!  But I had to get in my SOTG link; I need to win that banana suit!]

1. Right now, I’m lounging with my feet up, sipping a tall, cold glass of… water, relaxing after a full day of First Communions! It was such a great experience teaching 2nd grade this year.  It’s very humbling getting kids ready for Confession and First Communion. Ultimately, the parents are the primary educators of their children (as we all know), but I definitely had a few kids who were getting 100% of their religious education solely during our hour long class on Sundays. And some weeks they wouldn’t even show up! It’s nerve wracking knowing that the only exposure to religion some of these kids get is from me but I feel pretty confident that all the kids were ready today and His grace just poured into their hearts.   Not because I’m awesome, but because He is.

2.  The kids certainly looked ready in all their finery today!  Obviously, I didn’t take pictures of a bunch of other people’s kids, but I did snap a quick grainy picture of their feet.  I swear I’m not a creeper with a foot fetish, I just have a question to ask all of you: photo (1)

Do the little boys all wear white suits and shoes where you live?  This is completely new to me.  Growing up, the boys wore suits or a navy blazer and dress pants and normal dark dress shoes.  Apparently it is very much the norm in this area for the boys to wear all white, including their shoes!  I can’t get over this!  Girls might wear their white shoes again for Easter and other special occasions, but when would a little boy wear white dress shoes again, ever?  Anyway, what’s your experience/what do you think?

3.  Before I delve into the messy portion of these takes, I have to show you exactly what I’m lounging on right now:

photo (3)

The thrifting gods smiled on me this week when I found this leather chair and ottoman on craigslist for $500!  We weren’t exactly in the market for a new chair, but it’s always been a goal of mine and Dave’s to own a nice leather chair one day.  You know, one day in the very distant future when we’d have the $$$ just lying around for a leather chair of all things.  I never even thought to check out craigslist until Auntie Leila shared her craigslist Pottery Barn chair a while back.  Why hadn’t it occurred to me that this area is just crawling with wealthy folks redecorating their gorgeous houses and getting rid of their expensive leather furniture??  Anyway, I got into the habit of occasionally popping on craigslist to check out what they had and this week I lucked out!  No, I really lucked out because Dave completely okayed the purchase.  What’s gotten into that guy?  Anyway, the brand is Storehouse which was apparently a nice(ish?) furniture chain in the south that went out of business about 10 years ago from what we can tell from the google.  It’s really nice leather and in pretty good condition and it is so. darn. comfy.  I forsee my little guy and I will be logging some serious hours in the chair this summer.

4. Now that you have this bucolic vision of me lounging in my luxurious leather chair, let me turn up the reality dial a little for you.  My house is a mess!  This week has been really busy with First Communion rehearsals, a preschool co-op meeting and mothers group, long-busy-exhausting work days for Dave, and I’ve let the house slide, partly out of necessity and partly out of laziness and/or exhaustion.  It’s amazing what ignoring the sink for 12 hours will do!

I love how my owl cookie jar's big eyes are peeking out from the back as if to say "Save me!"

I love how my owl cookie jar’s big eyes are peeking out from the back as if to say “Save me!”

5. I know, I know, dishes in the sink are totally small fries.  It’s not just that.  It’s been one of those weeks where I had to re-run the washing machine on the same load 3 times because I just kept forgetting about it down there! My floors are all really groady and my bathroom needs serious attention, but every time I get a spare moment to think about all the chores, I suddenly realize that I’m exhausted and my feet are puffing up!

6.  Along with feeling overwhelmed by house messiness, yesterday was Dave’s birthday.  I always try to make his birthday special and really surprise him with a thoughtful gift or two, but it’s just so dang hard with men, isn’t it?  I was planning on getting him a pair of Rainbow flip flops because he lives in his flip flops after work and on weekends from April to November.  But then when I sat down to order them, I balked at the price tag (for flip flops!) and remembered that he’s been talking about getting himself a nail gun for all the house projects coming up.  Now, I should clarify that when he “talks” about getting a nail gun, he really gushes about how cool it would be to have a nail gun and how DJ (Claire’s husband) has a nail gun and should he get this one or that one, etc.  He was really excited about it!  So finally I just asked him if this is what he wanted for his birthday and he said yes. Bada-bing bada-boom.  Adult birthdays.

7.  I also got him a bottle of Makers Mark, though.  I figured a man’s 30th birthday warrants a $30 bottle of booze, right?

photo (4)I’m also linking up with Blythe, the veritable It-girl of the Catholic blogosphere. 🙂 I swear, I’m not trying to be a kiss-up to the cool kid, I just really dig her blog but more really?  The woman who comes up with the BRILLIANT idea of a Hot Mess link-up is a woman I want to be friends with.  Because my homemaking life = a hot mess.

5 thoughts on “7QT: Late and Messy

  1. Love the chair! And you are not the only one who was late last week; I hope Dave's birthday card got to him Saturday anyway because I only mailed it on Thursday. Even so, happy, happy birthday, Dave!

  2. Auntie Leila reads your blog!!! Ahhh!

    I really, really love the chair and ottoman. And I don't usually love leather. So that's saying something. But I think the shape and style are timeless and will look good anywhere and everywhere forever.

    And don't worry about your house, that's not even that bad. And pregnancy brain! I swear I still have it and I do the same things over and over and tell my husband to do the same things over and over. And then I forget to put my hamburger in the freezer and forget it for a day or two.

  3. That is such a cute/ artistic photo of your kiddos and that's a 1st for me to see boys wear all white for 1st communion. And that so great of you to teach the 2nd graders- talk about a year of important prep! I'm sure the parents were grateful to have their kids receive instruction outside of the home, too. 🙂

    That chair is a super sweet Craigslist find! If I had ample time and a truck I think I'd love to scour Craigslist for great finds- like you said there's always people redecorating or moving that just need to get rid of (good) things!

    And I think a nice bottle of booze is a great gift for a guy's 30th b-day. 🙂

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