“I yike it da 5 tings!”

I thought I’d switch things up a little and share our little tyrant’s lady’s current favorite things along with some of her cute linguistics.  The title is a nod to how she’s always telling us very specifically what she does and doesn’t like and what she wants us to do:”Hold it da cup!” “I no yike it da food!”

1. Wheelie Board Books

SK has developed a big interest in all things vehicular lately.  Luckily for her, cousin Jude has all the things when it comes to trucks and big rigs.  We came back from NY this weekend with awesome wheelie board books borrowed from Jude so SK can hone her vehicle categorizing skills.  She’s still shaky on types of busses.  She thinks all busses are “coo buses” (school busses) and I’m trying to get her to understand that only the orange ones are school busses.  But it’s just so adorable to hear her say “Coo bus!”

2. My First Story of EasterIMG_2400

I read this story to SK on Holy Thursday on a whim, not thinking that she’d be into it.  I had the book in my vast store of religious education materials that I’ve stockpiled, but it’s not like I had researched the best Easter book for little kids or anything.  Well, she loves it.  We’ve had to read it every night to her at bedtime and she interjects to tell us about how the priests are “Gompy!” and Jesus carrying the “ree heavy cross” needs to be “tarful tarful, don’t fall down!” I guess it just goes to show that I shouldn’t be so hesitant to try new things even if I think she’s too young.  I never would have guessed that she would be really into the Passion at the tender age of 2!


Ok, they’re a favorite of mine.  But really, I bought these booties back in September and they’re still in amazing condition with room to grow!  I purposely bought them a size too big so she’d have room to grow but they were never floppy or bad for walking and now she’s grown at least one shoe size (probably a size and a half) and they’re still great!  I can definitely get more use outta these cuties with another kid, although I think my husband might nix them for little boy usage.  Anyway, I highly recommend these shoes!

4. “Sicker” (sticker) books

I know, duh.  Well, the Easter bunny put this sticker book in SK’s basket (again on a whim, seeing as she loves the stickers she gets at Trader Joe’s) and she’s a huge fan.  She somehow gets that they stay in the book and are reusable, although she kind of stacks them one on top of the other instead of spreading them out over the farm landscape.  Anyhoo, it’s not rocket science; if you’re going on a big car or plane trip, maybe pick up some sticker books for your toddler.

5. Her “titchen” of course!


Check out her choice of footwear for working in her kitchen.  She is definitely NOT imitating her Mama in that respect!

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  1. Her sayings are so cute! I love the look of those Minnetonkas- I wish I could buy them in every kiddo size. And Evie does the same stack sticker upon sticker act. 🙂

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