Sara Kate’s Birthday Kitchen

This past Sunday was SK’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it’s only been two years… or is it only two weeks?  As Christy put it recently, “the time bending paradox of parenthood” is a beautiful thing.  It seems like SK has been around forever, and I can’t imagine life without her, but at the same time it’s gone so fast.  Every day she wakes up she’s less of a baby, and I’m more of a baby over the whole thing!  Gah! But I promise this isn’t a weepy, sentimental steaming heap of a post. No, this is a much more obnoxious braggy post about my husband’s amazing skills.

This post is about THE KITCHEN.

Ta-da! Oh wait, turn those knobs...

Ta-da! Oh wait, turn those knobs…



[Before I forget to give credit where credit is due, I was aesthetically inspired by these two DIY play kitchens I found through pinterest.  The rest of the construction, though, was all Dave.  He came up with and executed the plans all by himself.]

Sorry about the picture quality.  That’s from Saturday night when we set it up in the living room; don’t worry, there’s more pictures!  On Sunday morning, we went into SK’s room with a special #2 balloon.  Really, we didn’t have to make her a kitchen, the balloon was enough!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And then we brought her downstairs for the big reveal…

I think she likes it!

I think she likes it!



Thank you Mimi and Nana for providing all the accessories for the kitchen!

Later we had a little party with friends.  I didn’t get any party detail pictures, because I’m lame, but I did get a picture of the cake because I’m an Instagram addict in the worst way. photo (21)

The party’s loose theme was strawberries because SK loves her some strawberries and because the little curtain on the kitchen (my one and only proud contribution) is covered in strawberries.  So we had strawberry cake (the yummy pink from-the-box kind), strawberry and blueberry salad, spinach strawberry salad, and strawberry lemonade.  And hamburgers and hot dogs!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


It looks like it was a miserable day weather-wise in these pictures, but it was actually a really beautiful day and just got a little chilly there at the end.


Our big birthday girl.

Dave will be penning a massive (maybe more than one part) how-to post about how he made the kitchen in case anyone else is crazy enough to attempt this!  But really, it was such a labor of love for us (most him) and it was so fun to give it to her and see her excitement and joy.  Plus, this makes me very excited about my own future kitchen reno projects; if this is what we can do for a play kitchen, imagine the potential for our actual kitchen! [And by we, I mean Dave.]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6 thoughts on “Sara Kate’s Birthday Kitchen

  1. Fantastic job, Dave. Cant't wait for Baby Johnson's 2nd birthday reveal!

    Happy birthday to SK. We are all looking forward to seeing you guys for Easter!

  2. Omigoodness, she is the sweetest! And I love the kitchen, I think she'll love playing with it forever, my kids have played with theirs for a couples years now and it just seems like one of those things they always go back to. So thats good. Also; her hair, I'm jealous.

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