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Sweet Kate tagged me for a Liebster Award (which apparently isn’t an award, but a chain letter of sorts?) and I’m all kinds of flattered and excited to play along.  So! I will answer Kate’s questions for me and then I’ll tag a few of my blogging friends to answer questions of my own making for them, and the fun continues!

1.  Where are you from, where did you go to college and where are you now?

I was born in Albany NY and grew up in Schoharie NY, which is a really pretty, really cuuuuntry little corner of the world.  The majority of my childhood was spent on top of Terrace Mountain in Schoharie, picking crabapples and chasing our dog Abby when someone accidentally left the door ajar and she would bolt out into the wilderness.  We also had a garden for a bit and chickens for a long time, so while I wouldn’t say we had a completely country-hick upbringing, I was definitely no city kid.

This is my oldest nephew Jack chasing our chickens right before my parents moved off the mountains and to the suburbs in 2007.  Not to get all hipster on you, but the McFamily did the whole free range chicken thing before it was cool.

This is my oldest nephew Jack chasing our chickens right before my parents moved off the mountain and to the suburbs in 2007. Not to get all hipster on you, but the McFamily did the whole free range chicken thing before it was cool.

I went to Franciscan University of Steubenville from ’03-’07.  Holy good times!  Haha, really, it was a great college experience.  It was so nice to go to college where the majority of the student body was on the same page morally speaking.  It was so easy to make friends and find your niche.  And it was refreshing to meet so many other homeschoolers and realize that a. “Homeschooler” was not, in fact, tattooed prominently on my forehead and b. it was a totally normal and acceptable background to come from.  I was an early childhood education major and I loved moving through the levels of that program, completing all of the tutoring, early experience and eventually student teaching in the local schools.  The best thing to come out of that experience, though, was meeting my good friend Therese, whose cousin would be the future source of so much joy in my life.  Even though we were both at Franciscan at the same time (he was a year ahead of me) and we had many of the same friends, Dave and I didn’t meet and start dating until right after I graduated.  God’s plans are so much better than ours!

Whew, that leads us to now!  Dave and I spent our first two years of married life in Albany where he finished up his PhD at the State University.  Then he got a job out here in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts and we live just outside the city limits of Boston.  We’ve lived in the same 3 bedroom duplex for the past three years and we were extremely lucky to be able to buy the house this past fall, so we’re happy homeowners and landlords!

2.  What song has been getting stuck in your head lately or have you been listening to on repeat?

Gosh, I don’t get to listen to “me” music much anymore.  I guess the only thing I listen to frequently is Laurie Berkner music in the car for SK.  She loves Laurie!  When we first started listening to music in the car, SK couldn’t say the word “music” to save herself.  For a while it was “fickis” and then something finally clicked and it morphed into “newsic” which is what it is today.  Every time when get in the car she swings her legs and says “Neeeeewsic Mommy!!!!” and I remind her to be polite and she says “Newsic, Mommy, Peese.”

3.  If you could live anywhere and do anything, what would it be?

Honestly, I love where we are now.  I would love if our families lived closer (like in our town) but other than that, I’m completely happy where we live.  We have a really solid Catholic community here and a plethora of parishes within a 5 mile radius, so it’s really easy to get to daily mass, confession and adoration.  Boston is also really stable economically speaking, so we felt very comfortable buying a home here, especially a multi-family home.  I’m always very impressed with how well maintained everything is in this area.  Upstate New York where I grew up (and where I’ll always feel at home) has been kind of depressed for a while, and everyone knows Steubenville is in bad shape (although, I love that dingy little town so much). But Boston, while a very confusing place to navigate, is a really clean, pretty city and there’s lots to do and see.  Not to mention all the fun Boston quirks!  The locals here are nuts and I love it!

The Boston Public Garden in the fall.  And baby Sara - sob!

The Boston Public Garden in the fall. And baby Sara – sob!

I guess if I could change one thing about this area, I wish it was more affordable for a one income family to buy a decent family house!  A 4 bedroom single family house in a decent neighborhood in our town is VERY expensive.  Hopefully we can afford one of those one day, God willing.

And as for do? Well, I already was a teacher for 4 years and I loved it.  I would love to get back into teaching one day, maybe Pre-K again, maybe Kindergarten, but for now I love being at home.  I know I’m really lucky to be able to stay home and I don’t take it for granted.  I’ve also taught CCD for 5 years now, and I love doing that as well.  I’ve thought it might be fun to be a DRE one day (or that might be a really crazy idea!) but we’ll see.  Right now my husband, babies and house are my priority.

4.  What are you Easter plans?

We’re going to visit my family in New York!  I’m super excited, as we haven’t been able to visit since January and this will be the last trip I take before our little guy arrives in June.

Ok, my turn to ask zee questions and tag zee friends!  I tag:





And I want to know…

Where is the farthest you have ever traveled?

Have you ever won anything? If so, what did you win?

Who is your favorite saint and why?

What is the most dominant color in your wardrobe?

What has made you crack a smile today?

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