Are you the 2 Percent?

You’ve probably heard the statistic: 98% of Catholic women do not follow the Church’s teaching on artificial birth control. It’s a number that’s been thrown around a lot lately, between the controversy about the HHS mandate’s birth control coverage and the upcoming synod on the family and the issue of bishops allegedly “polling” Catholics about their practice of the Faith. As usual, we’re feeling pretty misrepresented around here. Really, only 2% of us practice NFP? In the various circles of my little Catholic bubble it sure feels more like that statistic should be the other way around sometimes!
So, are you the 2 percent, too? If you are part of that supposed minority who embraces the Church’s teachings with joy, albeit sometimes with difficulty, would you consider signing and passing on this open letter to the bishops that my husband wrote? There’s a link at the bottom to the petition form, although it’s really not a petition — it’s a show of support, and a way to make sure that our bishops know that some of us are grateful for what the Church has given us, and would love to see her message taught more effectively to more people. Spread the word!

3 thoughts on “Are you the 2 Percent?

  1. Respectfully, I tell you my story: I had four children in 6 years despite using nfp, All of them were large babies despite my small size of 5' and non pregnant weight of 100-105 while nursing. Being married to a non catholic did not make it any easier. Did I give it the ol' college try? Yes I did. Could I continue this way and live? No. I was 26 when I had #4, and with a potential of 26 more child bearing years ahead (I am now 75) I could not continue on that path. Not all women can control when they become pregnant with natural means even though they truly wish they could. ( I grew up living across the street from a family of 15 children, so I know it can happen.) I even became pregnant while nursing! I did the best I could, and I know I am one of God's beloved children too. So please don't judge too quickly those women who for whatever the reason cannot use nfp. God bless.

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