St Paddy’s Day/Weekend recap


Top o’ the morning and all the cheesy Irish sayings to you! I know, I know, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t even that big a deal in Ireland, but I enjoy my true heritage and a little bright green shmaltz this time of year. March is so loooooong otherwise!


We did a little leprechaun mischief — they dyed the milk green and put all the cereals in the wrong boxes, and tossed up a few decorations while they were at it. Usually Daddy gets balloons to tie to the girls’ chairs, but unfortunately he was smacked down by another stomach bug on Sunday. So far the rest of us are ok (please please please!) and most importantly, I made it through both of my dancers’ performances this weekend without getting sick.


Here is a link to a little video from my Irish dancers’ performance on Saturday, at a local nursing home (you can see Joanie, our youngest McSister, who is the tallest and most graceful dancer of the bunch!). They also performed yesterday at our local library. I’m supposed to go to Margot’s preschool on Thursday and teach them some dancing as well. That should give me a taste of what it’s like to teach that age — I constantly have requests to open up the class to younger kids, and I feel myself caving as Jackie and Margot are both really ready to start dancing. Plus Claire said she’d do it 🙂


Paul must have had a little premonition of his impending illness, because he decided to make his St. Paddy’s meal on Saturday instead of Monday, which meant we got to enjoy a savory lamb stew (and Guinness, for him). Yum!




Hope you all enjoyed your green weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing some real green outside soon. Enough of this winter and all its germs!

4 thoughts on “St Paddy’s Day/Weekend recap

  1. I'm so glad you fulfilled our duty to our heritage AND blogged about it. And, ugh. I hope Paul feels better soon and doesn't share his bug with you all. I'm so anxious about when we inevitably get hit by the dreaded stomach virus!

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! I missed the dancing performance on Saturday and was babysitting during the library performance yesterday, but I filmed Joanie dancing at Our Lady of Hope early yesterday with her partner Sr. Mary Christine, who is a veteran Irish dancer from a dancing school in Chicago! They put on a great show together.

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