7QT: Whole Lotta Randoms

Linking up for 7 Quick Takes Friday with Jen & the gang.

1. A song for your weekend (and childhood nostalgia trip for me :))

2. Now that we’re a few hours away from his ETA, I guess it’s ok to share that Dave’s been out of town this week.  It’s not a big deal and travel (specifically British travel lucky duck!) is a common thing for Dave with his job and current project.  The hard thing about this trip was it was very last minute so I didn’t have time to get used to the idea and make plans (ideally to visit my mom) to distract us.  It’s actually been a good week, though, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to face my discomfort with being at home alone with the kiddo and I survived!  It helped to have playdates and friends visit, and of course, the farm trip really boosted our moods too!  It really makes me feel for you ladies out there who are single moms, or who deal with deployment or demanding work hours in your husband’s jobs.  We were not meant to do this alone!  And if you have a minute, can you please say a quick prayer for Dave’s flight back today?  The whole Malaysian flight disappearance last week has made me a Nervous Nelly about this trip.

3. When Dave gets home he’s going to need to sleep but I’m afraid he’s going fight it because he’s got some projects he’s feverishly working on here.  One of them is his seedlings and garden prep.  Check out this set-up he’s made for the seedlings in the basement!

photo (18)


Yes that’s a heat lamp AND a heating pad.  I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t called the cops on us yet as it clearly looks like we’re trying to grow a special type of garden if you know what I mean.

4. He’s also working on making a play kitchen for SK for her birthday at the beginning of April. In typical Dave fashion, he’s taking this project to the next level of nerdiness, but consequently the end result is going to be amazing.  Here’s some sneak peek pictures.

Yup, those are some light up burners!

Yup, those are some light up burners!


Oven door

5. I’m so excited for SK’s birthday because I think she’s really going to like her kitchen.  She loves helping in the kitchen and her growing vocabulary reflects that.

Deeyishious! – Just yesterday she started saying that about her play cookies.

Mixin-mixin – That’s what we do with everything we cook.

Other cute words and phrases:

Cuse me, toots – her very polite, but hysterical phrase for when she’s suffering some flatulence.  This phrase was basically the theme of daily Mass yesterday… it’s a good thing it’s mostly elderly folks at daily Mass!

Naaaamie, e aaaaaaaaa yoooouu? – SK has to search for her favorite buddy every day before nap and bedtime.

Oh, and remember how waffels used to have a mysterious h in front of it in SK’s pronunciation?  Well, she recently changed the h to a y so it was “yaffels” but this morning it changed again to just “affels” which doesn’t at all reflect SK’s opinion of that particular breakfast bread product.

Wearing her "sun gasses"

Wearing her “sun gasses”

6. I had a First Communion meeting this week and there I found out for the first time how the First Communion day is going to go.  Well, it was a bit of a rude awakening to discover that because it’s split into two Masses, I’m going to be there and working from about 9am till 3pm.  Of course, this wouldn’t be a big deal except that I’m going to be 32 weeks at that point and probably looking a feeling a little worse for the wear.  It’s a good thing I ordered this leg-hiding dress (taking advantage of Old Navy’s 40% off dresses this week):

7. Obviously, the dress will be paired with my most comfortable arch-supporting shoes, which might end up being my sneakers… You know you’ve really hit adulthood (especially in my family!) when you’re seriously considering taking the plunge and investing in a trusty pair of Birkenstocks to wear with EVERYTHING.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Despite our crazy wintery day yesterday, we’re supposed to get temps into the 50’s tomorrow!  I can’t wait!  I hope your weekend weather is shaping up nicely too.

12 thoughts on “7QT: Whole Lotta Randoms

  1. I think you mean, you know you're a Franny when you want to invest in a pair of Birkenstocks. Good for you for keeping track of SK's phrases, it's amazing how quickly they change and you forget the funny things they say!

    P.S. I'm jealous of her kitchen. 😉

    • Ah, I guess I will look rather Franciscan/youth ministery wearing Birks all the time! I'm so bummed about my pregnancy feet and leg situation. It's hard to embrace it with humility.

      Btw, I'm jealous of SK's kitchen too! It's going to be way nicer than mine when its all done.

  2. 1. I love the Monkees too, we're meant to be best friends.

    2. That kitchen is going to be awesome.

    3. I'm all for making the Sacraments a big deal, but that is just too long a day! The dress looks super cute though.

    Hope you have a good weekend Ellen!

  3. #3 made me laugh out loud. We have a grow box in full view of our front window. We're growing lemon balm, basil and chamomile….it's for the kids science, but it totally looks like it could be an illegal plant. LOL

  4. How precious that Dave is making SK's stove; the LED burners are such a nice detail. And, yes, grown-up-ness has officially arrived when the main concern is can you wear sensible shoes? Or maybe it's just the approaching third trimester talking 🙂

    • Aw thanks, Anne. Dave is a really sweet Daddy, as well as a huge geek. I personally think it's an awesome combination of things to be! And I hope it's just the third trimester screaming for comfort and I'm not doomed to shop at The Good Feet Store starting in my 30's!

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