Lenten Round-Up

The internets have been all a-buzz with Lenten posts for our sacrificial benefit.  I thought I’d list a few of the posts that have really helped narrow down my intentions for this Lent, if for no other reason than to have them all linked and listed for future Ellen’s benefit.

Bonnie’s v-log about spring cleaning during Lent was a monumental find for me.  Why have I never thought of that before?  The housekeeping side of my vocation is the side that is often woefully neglected.  I’ve often thought that if this was my real job and I was paid for this, etc., I would be the most dismal employee of all time.  I just let other things get in the way and I’m too easygoing on myself and the state of my house. To go along with this Lenten goal of mine, I’m going to finally read that book I won in the fall on Emily’s blog, Keeping House.  Ordinarily, I’d been too embarrassed to admit to the whole internet that I haven’t even cracked the book that Emily so selflessly shared with me, but in this case I had a valid excuse.  I was very newly pregnant and for a month and a half, the house justifiably took a back seat to growing a baby and watching a toddler and trying not to throw-up.  Reading a book about keeping house while I just could not keep house was too depressing.  Anyway, I’m going to read it now!

Hot off the blog reader, Auntie Leila just posted about Lent and her second suggestion aligns very well with Bonnie’s v-log.  Just do your duty to your house, woman!

On a practical note, Rosie’s post with 25 meatless meals for Lent is very helpful.  I’m excited to try all of the soups she has on the list, and by try, I mean eat.  Does anyone else find it really frustrating how messy and involved making soup is?  It’s so tricksy, you have this picture in your mind of a big pot of soup bubbling away on the stove and the wife peacefully tending to everything else in the house and just checking on the soup periodically.  But in reality, soup is so freaking annoying to make!  Maybe my recipes are too complicated?

Dwija’s post on Lent for Pregnant People  has good tips for ladies like me who are in the family way.  I think the best thing I can and should do during this pregnancy is to not fret and complain about my weight gain and swelling.  Every time I feel a whine surging up, I’m going to try my darndest to choke it down and say a prayer of thanksgiving for my baby boy and my (so-far) healthy pregnancy.  By Easter, I’ll be 30 weeks so I’m going to be a lot bigger and more uncomfortable by then, with 10 weeks of growth and swelling to go after that!  Time to check the pregnancy whines.

Going along with being more of an adult about pregnancy weight gain and the body changes involved with motherhood, I really loved this article written by Michelle Duggar.  It has nothing to do with Lent but it really spoke to me and my specific struggles with body image and motherhood.

Finally, I loved Christy’s Lenten thoughts that she posted last week.  I loved how she cracked open that simple (but difficult) truth about Lent: that it’s not about what you can and should accomplish, but rather about what the work that the Lord does in our souls.

Now, go forth and eat some cake while ye can!

6 thoughts on “Lenten Round-Up

  1. I love this round up! Thanks for linking 🙂 I've found soups can get really involved if you try to do anything using more than one pot – if I can manage to prep all the ingredients the night before it's actually surprisingly easy and uninvolved and IDEAL when I've got a trillion kids underfoot because I can do most of the prep/cooking in the afternoon and let it sit simmering or warming on the stove until time to serve 🙂 I also buy baguettes from Costco and cut them in half and freeze them so I always have bread ready to go (when I don't have time to make my own) – just pop it in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes or so (wrapped in aluminum foil) and there's always fresh bread to eat with the soup!

    I love soup SO so much and would eat it for every meal if I could… If only my husband weren't against it!

    • Ah, that magical thing called prepping! I always forget to do that in advance and I'm always chopping everything last minute! And good idea on buying baguettes at Costco! I was thinking of making some yummy bread to go with my soup but I should get some costco loaves to keep in the freezer just to be prepared. Thanks for your tips, Rosie. 🙂

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  3. Great roundup. I had missed some of these posts.

    As far as soup goes, once you get the hang of making soup, it is surprisingly easy and forgiving. Typically I make soup the day after I roast a chicken. So, I roast the chicken for dinner one night and save the leftovers seperately. Overnight, I throw the carcass into the crockpot, cover with water and lt cook on low all night. Then I usually let it sit in there until I get around to dealing with it. Lots of time I just cook the soup right in the crockpost, I strain out the carcass and then add salt, spices, and whatever else I'm throwing in (beans, potatoes, sometimes chicken, noodles, carrots, vegetables, onion, garlic, rice, tomatoes, whatever) and let it all cook. If i'm making a creamy potato soup or something at the end, then after everything is all cooked, I take it out in batches and throw it into the food processor, but otherwise I just leave it in the crockpot). Of course, this does use chicken broth, so probalby not really appropriate for Friday or Ash Wednesday. I'm never totally sure of what the rule is regarding meat broth or stock when it comes to Fridays, because I never get 100% of the meat out, some always falls off the bone and stays in the broth. So, just be safe, we usually don't eat it on Friday.

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