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Look here, people. The other sisters have weighed in this week on important topics. Ellen covered birth; Rose covered entertainment and Aristotelian thought; Jane talked about living thousands of miles from loved ones.

Here’s the thing. I don’t have much of anything important to say. Well, it is important but frankly I’m so convinced I’m right about everything, I’ve little time or incentive to formulate cohesive arguments about anything.

For example, if you asked me “Claire, the world wants to know if you would give birth at home. If not, why?”

My first response to this question would be to snort at the outrageousness of it. Give birth at home? Anyone who has seen what happens during childbirth should be against this sort of thing. Birth should only happen in a place with medical-grade cleaning products readily available.

Also, safety and blah, blah, blah.

Other examples:

What did you think of the 2014 Winter Olympics?

I loved the Bruno Mars half-time show!

What is your favorite album of all time?

Bill Cosby comedy albums.  Seriously, all my internal conversations with the Almighty sound a lot like Bill Cosby’s imagined conversation between Noah and God: lots of protesting about how good I’ve been followed by arguments about how hard I’ve been working.

I hear you’re taking physiology. Why?

It’s awesome to be able to tell my kids “I can’t play with you right now, I have to study the cardiac pump.” This is so much better than “I can’t play with you right now, I have to, um, check my blogs?!?”

You’re constantly working on your house. What’s your latest project?

Hanging this sign above the kitchen sink (it was required by New York State’s Health and Safety laws):

photo copy 2

Are your children healthy?

Mentally or physically? This question is too complicated.

How are your children?

Prime examples of awesomeness. See below:


We don’t own a cat and Jude has never displayed a particular desire for one.

Let's be honest: All of us thank God for fruit snacks (and PBS children's television)

Let’s be honest: All of us thank God for fruit snacks (and PBS children’s television)

And, no picture of this, but Carmela took the initiative this morning to open the freezer and help herself to a chocolate-covered banana.

 Cheers, people of the internets!

6 thoughts on “Random Randomness

  1. That was my favorite part of the Olympics too 😉 No, actually my favorite part of the Olympics was the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan retrospective. Tonya still looks and acts like she's from Schoharie. Scratch that, Central Bridge (no offense, DJ).

  2. Ha! The first time I thought of home birth, cleanup (over safety) was my thought too. Also, I think I need that sign in my kitchen. That or "many have eaten, few have died". One or the other.

    • Oh if you make a printable saying "Many have eaten, few have died." I'd totally buy it. I could hang it in the living room and point to it every time one of the kids complains about the meal I serve them.

  3. I will have to lend you a little book I am reading right now called "The Little World of Don Camilo". It is stories about Don Camillo, a priest in rural post WW2 Italy who is constantly at odds with the communist mayor know as Peppone. Don Camillo is also on very close terms with Jesus who converses with him from the crucifix in his church. The conversations are very similar to the ones in the Bill Cosby "Noah" dialogs. You would really enjoy them.

  4. Ah, Claire, you make me laugh. And Mimi, I checked our interlibrary loan and we don't have the book. So save it for me to read this summer — because you know if you sent it out here for me to borrow, you'd never see it again!

    • You would never see it again because Jane would most likely lend it to me and SHE would never see it again – as she can attest to the fact that she loaned me several books last summer and I STILL have them….I'll finish them – eventually! Jen from the Lou

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