Happy Birthday, Joanie! {& WIWS}

Today is a big day.  15 years ago today, our youngest McSister entered the world.  Jane and Rose were in college and Claire, Mary and I were at Irish dancing class and when we came back, Mom had already been whisked away to the hospital with little Jimmy in in tow.  A few hours later, we heard that we had another sister!

For a while it seemed like Joanie would always be the cute kid sister.

This picture was taken yesterday, right??

This picture was taken yesterday, right??

But even when she was a kid, she was always more mature and confident than a little kid should be.  Maybe it was because everyone was so much older than she was.  Joanie was only a year old when Jane and Brandon got married and she was four when her first nephew was born.  So, she’s never really known a time when there weren’t brothers-in-law and boyfriends and weddings and nieces and nephews.  I guess that makes one mature faster.  


Suddenly, Joanie isn’t a kid anymore.  She is such a lovely young woman. I don’t think I’m offending my fellow McSisters when I say that the rest of us were miserably awkward adolescents battling either acne or chubbiness or both (guilty. And braces.). Joanie seems to have risen above all that.  She’s willowy and poised.  Poised, I tell you! But more importantly than that, she is a hard worker volunteering much of her time at the Little Sisters of the Poor’s home for the elderly, a generous mothers helper to her local sisters with littles, and a sweet daughter, sister and friend.  And you know what else?  She’s cool as a cucumber.  This girl isn’t fazed by anything.  I want to be Joanie when I grow up!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to our big little sister Joanie!  We love you!



And since it’s Sunday and not fah-reeeeezing, I actually had a decent outfit to share with you today!


Maternity, she wore.


Not going to list the clothing deets because, well, it’s all full panel, stretchy, side-ruched boring maternity basics that you can get anywhere, right? Please note, the boots still zip and my calves are not pouring out of the top.  My legs are still hanging in there, even if my face is already puffy! 18 weeks to go, you do the math.

The only bit of outerwear I wore today was that vest and scarf.  Let the thawing commence!

So, we’re going to try to do Jen Fulwiler’s 7 posts in 7 days this week, just FYI.  So, not only will I be spending all of my time reading everyone’s awesome posts EVERY DAY, I will try to be writing some of my own or furiously tracking down the other McSisters and making them contribute.  In other words, Ellen is not getting any housework done this week.  Dave, you’ve been warned.

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    • Erika, it's entirely possible that I'm completely copying something you've already worn! I totally bought that denim skirt because I love yours!

  1. You are totally adorable. I love your outfit. It comes together perfectly. And I love your post about your little sis. She sounds like the girl I want my daughters to become. Lovely, poised, self-assured and totally self-less.

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