Gender Reveal & Happy Birthday Mom!

Apparently, Kate and I are pregnancy twins because we both had our big ultrasounds yesterday, with similar but opposite results.  Her little guy is getting a little sister, and my little gal is getting a little brother!

Image drastically cropped to preserve my poor son's dignity.

Image drastically cropped to preserve my poor son’s dignity.

I wish I had a sweet little profile shot to share with you, but this is the only picture they sent me home with, can you believe it?  Usually I have a veritable CVS receipts worth of pictures after ultrasounds but for some reason they held out on me yesterday.  I guess they got wind that this is my second.  Here’s an exterior shot, just use your imagination: IMG_2170

It was a really long, crazy day yesterday and I ended up going to this ultrasound alone because Dave has been pretty sick, so I instructed the ultrasound tech not to tell me the news, but to seal it in an envelope to share with Dave when I got home.  We were both so surprised!  We didn’t really discuss gender before hand but I think we both assumed deep down that we had another girlie on the way.  I would note every difference in this pregnancy and think “Maybe this means boy…” and then talk myself out of it.  Really, it hasn’t been a drastically different pregnancy over all, except that I have an insane craving all the time for guacamole!

Sara, of course, is blissfully unaware of everything, but always reacts appropriately because she is a people pleaser like her mama.


Little brother?!?

In other very happy news, it is my beautiful Mom’s birthday today!  We wouldn’t have a new McBoy to celebrate if not for my Mom and her openness to life.  Now that I know I’m having a boy, I’m sure some people (hopefully not too many!) will assume that we’re “done” because I have my boy and girl.  That makes me think of my mom who had 5 little girls underfoot before she had a boy.  I don’t know what kind of fun comments she got when we were little but I do remember at least one comment being made to her while we were grocery shopping and Jimmy was a baby.  Surely, she would “stop trying” now because she finally “got her boy”.  I’m glad she didn’t!

I'm reusing this picture from last year's Mimi Birthday post because I love it.

I’m reusing this picture from last year’s Mimi Birthday post because I love it.

Thank you for everything, Mom!  We love you!

20 thoughts on “Gender Reveal & Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. GAH! So exciting!!!! We got a good profile shot but our place does DVDs too. With Michael we got a few minutes of just watching him move and with this one we just got a few minutes of measuring limbs and the head and watching the heart beat. Still fascinating but Michael's DVD was a tad more exciting to watch. haha

    • How fun that you get a DVD! This ultrasound was definitely not as fun because I had to turn away for half of it and then it was just a lot of measuring of limbs and nerve-wracking stretches of looking at his heart. Opening up that envelope when I got home was exciting though!

  2. I'm so, so, so, SO excited for you guys! I had a feeling all along you were having a boy, not sure why though. Anyhow all the Clayton's are super excited for you guys! Send Dave our congrats!

    • Sheesh, thanks Colleen. I could take a picture of just my rear and post that but nobody wants to see that. 😉 Believe me, I don't really see a difference yet in how I'm carrying, it seems very similar to my last pregnancy, so we were very surprised!

  3. Omigoodness! I am so excited for you! And Miss SK will love him! By the way she is so adorable I just want to hug her, have I said that before? And Max just saw her picture and they would make a really cute couple. Do I sound like a stalker? And how many weeks pregnant are you? Because you look beautiful! Ah! Wish we could go out for coffee to celebrate!

    • Christly, normally I'm against coupling up toddlers, but I would DIE to get some of those eyelashes in my future grandchildren's gene pool! Ahem. But first we should go for coffee, right? I'm 19 weeks and even though I'm almost halfway done, I feel like there's so much longer to go… Damn winter.

    • Well thanks, Francine 🙂 I wish I could say that's a completely true to life picture and not weirdly posed for proper selfie purposes…

  4. Without mom, we are nothing. I also realized that, because, Now I am upcoming mom. THis is my first time, So I feel all pains, and I thought that, Our mom also suffering this pain. Thanks for sharing this post.

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