Keeping it real {wiws}

(I’m just going to pretend that Christmas never happened and it hasn’t been a month since I’ve blogged, ok? Ok.)

Happy feast of the Bathtism of the Lord! I gave my second graders their homework assignment that came directly from Papa Francis:

“Find out the day on which you were born to the Church, and give thanks to the Lord, because at Baptism he has opened the door of his Church to us.” read the rest here.

Its always nice when the Pope helps a poor catechist out!

Now, I thought I’d take the plunge back in fashion land and record what I wore today because I didn’t feel too frumpy and fat.  Its all thanks to my trusty black jersey knit dress from a million years ago.  Every mother should own one.  The funny thing is I bought this dress when I was single because I thought I looked foxy in it!  Haha, little did I know that it’s Mama’s best friend with it’s stretchyness and blackness.

Be warned, these photos show my incredibly embarrassing guest bedroom/office/craft table  JUNK room complete with it’s filthy mirror.  If I had written a New Years resolution post, I would harken back to it and my promise to be more “authentic” on the blog. Or my resolution to be a better housekeeper.  Or my resolution to take better photographs.  I’m failing at this New Years thing already!

The happy thing is that no husbands were involved and, hence, annoyed by the taking of these photos.

IMG_2112Speaking of husbands, my husband just came back from Manchester, England, and he picked me up that scarf while he was there.  He’s a keeper.


“Maybe if I squeeze three pictures into one, it’ll minimize the JUNK factor.”

And no, that’s not a 25 week baby bump, it’s a 15 weeker.  This post is all about keeping it real, right?  

[Scratch that! I went back and checked and I’m actually 16 weeks! Whew!]

Ok, that’s quite enough of that!  For better pictures, outfits and blogs, check out Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.

16 thoughts on “Keeping it real {wiws}

  1. Ellen, you are adorable, and your baby bump is perfect. I love a good black dress too. It is a must have in a woman's closet, especially a mom's. That scarf if so cute and your hubby knows you well because it is perfectly YOU as well. If it makes you feel any better, my house is horridly messy as well. 😛

    • Thanks Laura 🙂 And thanks for standing with me in messy solidarity. I know most people have their junk areas, even if it's just a drawer… Mine is a room!

  2. I love that scarf! You look great – I'm quite sure I was much larger than that at 16 weeks… probably both times. I can totally relate to the junk, too – Sophie still has a corner of her room that is a random collection of stuff from when it was the guest room. oh well!

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