Mouthy Mondays: Bad habits

So, Jackie made it pretty obvious that I go to Dunkin Donuts waaayyyyy too much. Last week, we pulled up to the drive through and the voice from the speaker greated us “Good morning. May I take your order?”

As I pulled up to the window to pay and get our donuts, Jackie piped up from the back.

“Mommy, that lady said it wrong!”
“What do you mean, Jackie?”
“She apposed to say, ‘Welcome to Dunkin Donuts. Can I take your order, peease?”

I think I ought to take a break from Dunkin Donuts for a bit.

The sad thing is, I made the switch to Dunkin Donuts a few years ago after Jude made it obvious that I was going to McDonalds too much. As I pulled up to the ordering window, he yelled from the back, “I’ll take a caramel frappe!”

He wasn’t quite two at the time. I don’t know why I thought switching to Dunkin Donuts would be better, but clearly my children have become just as addicted as I am. Time to switch it up again. The nearest drive through Starbucks is only a few miles away and if history is any guide, I’ll have at least another year before Carmela makes me feel bad about my coffee habit.