5 December Favorites

1. Muddy Buddies 

I only allow myself to make and eat these in December.  And it’s December, did you notice?  Anyway, they make a great little gift for friends with gluten allergies, as they’re gluten free as long as you use the gf Chex.  Also, I made mine with coconut oil this time to be a little healthier (right?) and to give to a friend who is gluten and dairy free.  Win-win!

2. Christmas cardsIMG_2042

I got a really good deal this year using Snapfish.  I really really wanted to get some gorg Minted cards and I entered everyone’s giveaways, but alas… Anyway, I’m very pleased with my Snapfish cards and I was really happy to find a not-ugly, not-smug religious template! I finally wised up this year and just picked a nice picture of SK.  Nobody cares about me and Dave, right?

3. Nambie and Hissy (that’s Lambie and Horsey for the uninitiated)


They’re eating their breakfast. Can’t you tell?

These guys are SK’s best buds.  Well, Nambie is the bestest bud and he goes everywhere with her, including/especially bed.  Hissy is new to the gang, but he’s still very very loved.

4. Snow in December.  We got a couple of inches yesterday and we’re getting more this weekend!

SK had a fun time today sledding in our backyard for the first time (no pictures because I’m lame).  At first she had a fit because I wouldn’t pull her in the sled back up the hill, but she got over it real quick.  I guess the fun canceled out the work of climbing the hill.  Doesn’t it always?

On another note, I’m a fan of the snow because it covers the leaves that I just didn’t get to.  Now they’re Spring’s problem.  But not my problem… because…

5. This new little friend who is on the way!IMG_2039

We got to see shim squirming around yesterday in protest to the ultrasound tech’s pokes.  All is well so far and our kiddo is due at the end of June (so, the beginning of July). Please keep us in your prayers?

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21 thoughts on “5 December Favorites

  1. Love the sweet photos of your kiddoS!! And can your Christmas card please stop looking so fabulous? Thanks. 🙂

    Also, muddy buddies sound amazing right now. I might have to pick up some ingredients at the store!

    • Thanks Jen 🙂 And I call it puppy chow too, along with muddy buddies. Actually I just call it "that amazing stuff that I can only make once a year" 😉

  2. Yahoo!!! Congratulations!! It sure is the season for bloggy babies! (And ditto on the muddy buddies…I've been resisting…but…DANG they are good!!!!)

  3. Oh Ellen! Yay! I just read this and I'm not so excited for you! I hope you're feeling as well as can be…which for the first trimester with a toddler can be….ya know…

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