Woe is me Wednesday

The tears are flowing freely in the Hazzard House because DJ is in Dallas until Saturday afternoon. I know other people have husbands that travel frequently or, like Grace’s husband, work long and odd hours. But my husband? My husband goes to work every day a bit after 7 and comes home a bit before 5.


None of us in the Hazzard house are used to having him gone so yesterday when he left in the morning, Jude started crying and then Jackie and then me and then, because she copies what every one else does, so did Carmela.

We did okay yesterday, though. Jackie had school in the morning and when Jude came home in the afternoon, we did homework and then I brought them across the street for a bit of McTime while I cleaned and made dinner (mac and cheese). I served the kids dinner by myself and got them to bed by myself and no one melted down or screamed and we didn’t watch too much TV.

Yesterday running smoothly made me think today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday may run smoothly, too. But I wouldn’t want to do this all the time. No way, Jose. DJ is necessary for the smooth running of our household.

I like to flatter myself that I’m a person who recognizes my own limits and being on my own with our three kids through Saturday afternoon is straining those limits to the breaking point. Just to be clear, the problem isn’t the kids, it’s me. I have a temperament which allows me to handle my kids fairly well for about eight hours a day. The ninth hour starts to get dicey but then help arrives! DJ comes home just as my parenting skills are collapsing for the day and it is the favorite time of day for me and all three kids.

He’s my helpmate in more ways than one. My hats off to the ladies who deal with business trips and residencies and long lawyer hours (hello Jane!) but Saturday can’t come soon enough for me.


5 thoughts on “Woe is me Wednesday

  1. Well my husband is out of town, too. Want to come here for dinner tonight?

    Ps…I hope we are getting a copy of that family photo.

  2. I just think of single moms when Dave is out of town. Can you imagine how hard it would be to have no partner in all of this? Yikes! You can do it, Claire. Just a few more days!

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