7QT: The one about Jane

Today is the eldest McSister’s birthday and, in celebration, we present the following 7 QuickTakes about our awesome big sister. This was a collaborative effort, Jane, so if you don’t like any one of these, you can threaten to kick all of us (total inside joke there).

From Claire:

1) Jane always, always makes time for me when I call with stupid, inconsequential problems. Always. Never once has she made me feel small or silly and her responses and suggestions to me have always been loving and helpful

2) Jane was the fattest McBaby ever. Behold:


Jane is the baby on the left and the baby on the right, the normal-sized baby, is four months older than Jane.

From Ellen:

3. Jane has impeccable home decorating taste. Her style is classic and refined, but without being too stuffy! Of course, it helps that Jane is a consummate housekeeper, much like our beloved Grandma Ross. She works tirelessly sun-up to sun-down to keep her place sparkling (Ellen types as her elbows keep on getting stuck to her groady kitchen table).

4. Jane wore ironic super-nerd glasses before they were cool. No picture readily available of this, but enjoy instead this picture of Jane in costume ready to play one if the lead roles in her fourth-grade class production of HMS Pinafore.


From Rose:

5. Jane earns the Mom Medal for a million reasons, chief among them being that she has the most kids while living the farthest away from Mimi, meaning she’s doing it all without the abundant help that Claire and I have, and she’s been doing it that way for ten years. She’s got both boys and girls, and kids in elementary school, so there’s nothing the rest of us come up against that she hasn’t dealt with first, just like when we were growing up.

It’s great to have a sister who’s also a seasoned mom!

6. Jane is the only McMahon girl who has McMahon legs instead of Ross trunks. No fair. (Claire notes: I resent this, Rose. It’s true, but I resent it.)

From Claire:

7. I miss you, big sister.


Sweet baby Jane

2 thoughts on “7QT: The one about Jane

  1. You girls sure know how to make someone feel special. Thank you so much. I miss you all, too, and love you lots! Why can't we ALL live on the same street?!

  2. Why can’t we ALL live on the same street?!

    I second that!

    Love to my sweet big girl on her birthday. It really doesn't seem all that long ago.


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