WIWS & Owning a Home


Scarf was a Christmas present from several years ago, old gap outlet trench, loft lace top, old gap outlet denim skirt, old gap tights, thrifted shoes from Plato’s closet.

Just checking in to share an outfit that I thought was blog-worthy.  Now I’m realizing that it’s basically just a huge repeat of… everything I’ve worn forever.  But that’s ok, that means I’m being good about shopping my closet, right?

It’s been a busy busy first weekend of homeownership.  Well, it’s mostly been busy for Dave, who has been changing light fixtures, moving switches, prepping for paint, painting, and taking many trips to Lowes!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, and share before and progress pictures.  And don’t worry, SK and I have been helping in our own way.  She and I look care of some of the leaves this afternoon… just barely scratching the surface of our huge yard.  We’re getting there.


SK taking a juice break from helping me with the “fowefs”.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. 🙂 Oh, maybe it’s a long weekend for you?  It’s our McBrother’s birthday tomorrow, which is also Veterans Day.  Appropriate birthday for the sole boy in a family of seven, huh?  He’s earned his stripes!

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  1. I adore those shoes! And how cute is SK's hair, it has grown so much in just the past few weeks since I've seen her. Congrats on the house — and get used to all those Lowe's trips, it's Paul's second home!

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