Life or something like it

This is a post about nothing in particular and everything in general. The Hazzards have a lot going on these days: it’s not that we are busy or over scheduled, just that the everyday business of brushing teeth and making beds takes up more time than I ever imagined it would when we started our family six years ago.


Carmela is almost 1!?! In one month this little girl will have been out in the world for a year. She is our most expensive baby so far. In addition to spending thousands on formula, we’ve also had to lay out quite a bit on baby gates. The other two didn’t require fencing in but this one, wow — she moves and moves fast.


One of Jackie’s self portraits. She takes 10 or so pictures of herself every day and then reviews them all with a critical eye. Also, she calls Chapstick “chopstick,” and I hope she always does.


Jude’s class went trick-or-treating at the police station on Halloween. His brave teachers and one of our parish priests walked all 28 kids the half mile there and back. And see that kid in the left of the photo? The one dressed as a musketeer? His mom made his costume, including the appliqués on the vest and the shirt underneath. And she made matching costumes for his two younger brothers. Oh, and she just had a baby.

And to think I can’t find time to get beds made!

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  1. Paul, that's funny. What is Jude? A ninja truck driver?? Wait 'til I post our Halloween pictures. You can see stains on Jack's shirt. Awesome.

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