Daddy Dearest

Today, as reported by one local political blog, is McDad’s birthday. A day that will live in infamy! Seriously, though, it wasn’t supposed to happen since a doctor told Grandma to give up and adopt. But Grandma, showing the determination she passed on to her oldest, did not give up. After Dad was born, she used to walk him down the street that doctor lived on to show him he was wrong.

Dad is the man of a million names (Ed, Jim and Baba to name a few) but that’s fitting for a man with so many roles. It’s difficult to describe what Dad does for a living. We sisters have settled on telling people he’s a “wonk” which is a fun word that doesn’t really explain anything. He is very respected professionally, though; demanding hard work and honesty from everyone in his working life, whether it be an intern in his office or an AP reporter.

Those are the same qualities he asks for from his family, too. And while we sometimes complained about his toughness, it became clear to us sisters that the older we got “the wiser [our] father became.”

Plus, he’s not all that tough. At times of crisis, he is the level head who figures out a workable solution and calms us down. At one point in my life, when I experienced a particularly rough time and truly felt like life was over, it was Dad who found the perfect words to say.

There are many more things to say about Dad: he’s funny and genial and delights in his grand kids. What many of us appreciate most, though, is his faith. He has always lived it in word and in deed, which does not go unnoticed by his daughters who hope their own children will be able to say the same about them!

Oh, and one more thing: Dad has the foresight a thousand men wish for. We’ve had only Macintosh products in our house since the mid 80s because he insisted it was the better computer platform. We grumbled as teenagers, but we all know now that Father really did know best.


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  1. I'm curious — what did the "local political blog" suggest doing for Dad's birthday? Picket? Great post, though, Claire — and Happy Birthday to a good man.

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