Mouthy Mondays: They’re listening!

This isn’t a real funny or cute Mouthy Mondays post but I wanted to share what DJ and I heard yesterday after Mass.

We went to a late Mass yesterday — the 5 pm at the Cathedral. (On a side note, DJ always calls late Sunday Masses “the Sinner’s Mass.”) Carmela always makes the most noise during Mass so during the first reading I took her in the back and DJ was left to deal with the over-tired older two in the front.

When it came time for the homily, I was still in the back where Carmela was throwing her bottle down, enjoying the echo it made and DJ spent the homily eating a pretend gourmet meal Jackie prepared for him in the pew.

In other words: DJ and I were both super distracted during the homily, which is never good but especially when the priest is trying to shed light on one of the more confusing Gospel passages. Yesterday’s Gospel was one of those and while DJ and I both heard Father’s opening line, we didn’t quite catch one came next.

In e car on the way home, we both lamented we hadn’t heard the homily since neither one of us understood the gospel either. All of the sudden, Jude piped up from the back “Father was talking about the Lincoln guy!”

DJ and I looked at each other in complete confusion until we both realized Jude was remembering Father’s homily centered around Abraham. Jude had heard that and thought Lincoln! So, yeah, he confused the message a bit but, despite our frequent anxiety and complaints, he was listening during Mass! Hallelujah, Lord. Now that we know this, I’m going to see if we can get priests to work in messages about cleaning and bed-making into their Sunday messages.

Father of Freedom, not to be confused with:

Father of Faith.

2 thoughts on “Mouthy Mondays: They’re listening!

  1. Good for Jude! We went to our Cathedral Basilica (yes, I'm bragging) yesterday, and while the choir was chanting, Theresa turned to me and asked, "Are those angels or people??"

  2. If you are still looking for some enlightenment on yesterday's Gospel about the mustard seed, ask your Uncle Chris. He has some great insights.

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