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Don’t you love a Sabbath that is really… Sabbath-y?  You know, beautiful, slow, restful, happy family days?  That’s what we had yesterday.  Dave was a doll and let me sleep in till 8:30(!!!!!) and he washed ALL of the dishes from the previous night’s book club revelry. [Nerd alert] Along with discussing Gaudy Night, we had a lot of good food and drinks and made a big mess! So we decided to go to noon Mass and take it easy in the morning.


Dress from Gap (worn here), shoes from Old Navy, scarf on loan from my bff Melissa. SK is wearing her cute consignment and thrifted finds.

I’m sure it didn’t escape anyone’s notice (on facebook and everywhere) that yesterday was the first day of fall. So of course, SK and I dressed appropriately for the perfect New England fall day we were lucky enough to have here.


After Mass, we decided to do one of the things on our “we’ll have to check that out someday” list.  We finally went to the Fairbanks House (which I mentioned last year) and took a tour.  It was fascinating! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Fairbanks House is considered to be the oldest surviving timber frame house in North America which means that the actual frame is made of only wood and wood pegs, no nails.  Wild, huh? The Fairbanks family who built the house sometime between 1637-1640 (not 1636 as the chimney states) were Puritan immigrants, and their descendants lived in the house up until 1900.  There were lots of interesting artifacts and family heirlooms in the house.  One of them was a beautifully carved wooden chest, which was made by a local craftsman for the family in the 1600’s.  It stayed in the family for a couple of centuries and then was sold. The Fairbanks family association tracked it down a few years ago when it went up for auction at Christies.  They only planned on paying 10K for it, but they got into a bidding war and ended up paying 75K to get it back!

Another interesting thing we saw were two tattered pairs of 17th century shoes (which didn’t look all that different than the tattered Toms I was wearing).  During restoration, they found the shoes in the walls of the house.  Apparently, it was common for this time period for people to embed shoes in their house but the reasoning is not quite clear.  Some think it was simply for good luck, while others think it was specifically for good fortune in fertility, hence the nursery rhyme There Was An Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe!  Mind=Blown.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pinch me, I just love New England life. #iannoymyself

Did you do anything fun, interesting or enlightening this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “WIWS…on Monday

  1. Love your outfit! When I look at it I just think- “fall”. 🙂 And that house seems so intriguing. We went to a farm/ park, and Evie had her first Carousel ride- I love fall outings!

  2. I have a scarf of Grandma Ross’ that looks similar to the one you borrowed from your friend. Maybe you would like to check it out when you visit.
    That house story is awesome.

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