5 Fatty Favorites

Linking up with Hallie to share my 5 favorites this week.  Am I making this up, or are we humans wired like our furry friends to bulk up for winter time when it starts getting colder and darker?  Just me?  Well, this is what I’ve been loving lately.

1. Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus

I’ve been trying out different hummus every week to go with the ooooooooodles of cucumbers we’ve harvested.  This, by far, is my favorite.  I want to eat it with everything!!!

2. Newman’s Own Peach Salsa

Yes, I like dipping things.  This peach salsa is amazing! To be honest, I’ve never had peach salsa before, so this might be the worst one ever but I’d never know.  Because I’m sold.  Paul Newman, you little man with a huge head, I’m yours.

3. Apricot Lattice Bars

I love love love this recipe. It’s for fruit bars, but I always just do apricot.  They’re so easy, but they look super fancy and taste amazing!  I always get the itch to make & eat these bars in the fall, so I made them last weekend when we had guests over.  Yummmmmmm.  I very reluctantly sent our guests home with most of them at the end of the night because I can’t afford to buy myself new jeans, people!

4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is an oldie but goodie.  I wrote about them last year in my autumn recipes post.  I haven’t made my inaugural fall 2013 batch yet, but I’ve been dreaming about it for the past few weeks.  Soon and very soon my love…

5. Corn Chowder

This is an old staple of my fall and winter dinner menu.  It’s so hearty and delicious. Just look at the bacon!  It really sticks to your ribs on a chilly night.  I usually make these biscuits to accompany it.  Soooo goooood. Oh, and I usually make the full recipe and then freeze half.  I love having freezer meals for those nights when I just can’t deal, you know?

Are you starving now? Me too.

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5 thoughts on “5 Fatty Favorites

  1. Yes, I’m starving! Put pumpkin in almost anything and I will eat it. Also, those bars look amazing, and peach salsa- yum! And while I’m at it, Paul Newman is a fav of mine too. 😉

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