7QT Back to Reality

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary to share my 7 randoms.  You should too!

1. Well helloooo there! The Johnsons have been all over the place lately which is why I’ve been mostly absent on the blog.  But lucky for me and everyone, my sisters have been picking up the slack.  I’m loving Claire’s posts about her house renovations and (of course) her mouthy kiddos.  And Jane’s post yesterday on the trials and blessings of motherhood was exactly what I needed to read.  Everyone should just skip these takes and read their stuff. 😉

2. Last weekend (well, Thursday to Monday) we were in Minnesota for my friend Pam’s wedding.  Pam is my dearest, fiercest friend from college and beyond.  I was so thrilled when she called me last year to tell me about James, this guy she had met.  Talking to her, I could tell that a switch had flipped and James was the one.  They had a lovely wedding ceremony and the reception was at the fairgrounds in the town.  Pam even treated the bridal party and their significants to a pontoon boat ride on the lake in between the ceremony and the reception!  It was a lot of fun.


Don’t mind the photobombing first mate back there.

3. There were a few other Steubenville friends at the wedding, including Francine! IMG_1802We also met up with other college friends while we were in Minnesota. It was wonderful to just pick up where we left off so easily, even with kids in tow. Sometimes I worry that I’ll never have friends as close as college friends because we don’t have that shared background of living together.  And we don’t have the time anymore to spend with other people! Everyone has jobs and kids, and most significantly, different backgrounds.  It definitely takes more work and and time. I think it’s worth it, but it is so refreshing to get together with other Franciscan alum friends and just be.

4. Sigh.  Well, I have my work cut out for me since we came back.  For some reason, fall is the time of year that I really get the itch to clean and organize and purge.  I think it’s the teacher in me.  I have to get moving and doing things in the fall or I feel like a completely useless human being. The majority of our living space is reasonably clean most of the time, but there are crap zones in our house that have gotten more craptacular as time has gone on.  The spare bedroom is the main culprit. The worst part about the spare bedroom is the closet in that room is my closet, and the door broke. Of all the closets in the house! The hinge had been wonky the whole time we’ve been here and some time this summer it just gave way.  So that stinks.  The attic is a mess too.  Ugh.

Anyway, my plan of attack is this: make a list (and I hate hate hate making lists) of little tasks that need to be done, nothing huge, and just tackle them one by one.  I did one yesterday.  I finally cleaned the top of the fridge for the first time since we moved here two years ago!  Clearly, Suzy homemaker I am not.

5. To keep me company while I clean/organize/purge, I’ve been listening to Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers.  It’s for a book club I’m a part of, and I have to have it finished by next Saturday.  I feel kinda like a cheater for listening to it… but here’s the thing: I’m a really slow reader.  I guess I’ve had two months to read the book, but I didn’t get on it right away and then it was the end of August and I knew I wouldn’t finish it on time.  So I decided to listen to it, since there are so many times during the day (dishes, cleaning, driving, running, dishes, dishes…) that I could be engaging my mind a little more.

6. Speaking of engaging!  It’s been really hard to listen to this book!  Not because it’s not good, but because it’s been hard making my mind switch gears and really focus on what I’m listening to.  I’m going to cop out of the obvious (I’m a bad listener) and blame all the technology!  My mind is so used to multitasking, from watching tv and being on the internet at the same time, or listening to music while being on the internet… well, doing anything while being on the internet.  I’m so programed now to just gloss over everything to take in the maximum amount of information.  It’s been hard for me to settle and focus on what I’m listening to and to turn on my imagination while I’m listening.  There are so many other things floating around in my head!  Anyway, it’s been a good learning experience for me and I’m finally getting into the book. It takes place in Oxford!  I’ve been to there! Maybe after I’m done with it and we’ve had our book club I can do a little post on it.  I haven’t participated yet in Housewifespice’s What We’re Reading Wednesday because the thought of writing about books makes me revisit homeschool anxieties from doing Seton in high school. [And that’s not to say I had a bad homeschooling experience or a bad experience with Seton, I was just a bad homeschooler ;)]

7. SWITCHING GEARS. When I was in Costco today, I saw this:IMG_1803

So, of course, I immediately took a picture (duh) and sent it to my brother Jim, because that’s what you do when you see something gross.



Happy Weekend, everyone!

13 thoughts on “7QT Back to Reality

  1. It’s great to hear about your trip! Hang in there with Gaudy Night, it’s a good story and should make you want to read/listen to more of Lord Peter Wimsey. Speaking of books, that last QT was “Eskimo”!

  2. Fierce is a good way to describe Pam. 🙂 There’s no shame in listening to books instead of flipping pages! It still counts! Joe especially loves listening to books/talks in the car… especially when music sometimes is just noise, you know?

  3. Ah! I love Gaudy Night, and I know it does start sorta slow, but its really one of my favourite favourites! I think listening is totally acceptable too!

    And is it bad that I still write about books from all my Seton high school days?? Seton scars, Ellen!

    • Ah! You did Seton too? That’s awesome! I’m really liking Guady Nights, and I think listening to it (read by the illustrious Ian Carmichael, OBE) really adds to the experience!

  4. #7: Ha ha! #4 &5 and whatnot: LOVE Gaudy Night, and I think nothing is wrong with listening. I’m a pretty fast reader but it’s b/c I skim. I would have trouble staying focused, too, when listening to each and every word. And congrats on cleaning the top of the fridge! I’m feeling the need to clean and organize latey too. Come to think about it there’s a thick coating of dust on my fridge . . . . Oh, and I dropped out of Seton home school after less than a year of it. Too much work. 🙂

    • I believe being a Seton drop out is much more common (and much more cool) than being a Seton graduate! Thanks for the virtual high five for cleaning the top of the fridge. I do feel very accomplished now!

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