Seven Quick Takes: School days!

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary for 7QT. We’ve had a busy week at the Hazzard house, so no shortage of things to write about here:

1) Jude started kindergarten!!!


Here he is modeling his (borrowed!) uniform. I’m the awesome mom who first ordered the wrong size, then ordered the right size way too late to get the uniforms in time for school.

2) McBrother also started school this week! He’s having a good time at Providence, even though the resident hall powers-that-be put all freshmen guys into quads. That’s right: Himself, who has always had his own room, is now sharing with three other guys. It gets better than that, though. Jim’s roommates are three other kids of Irish extraction. Seriously, our McBrother is in with another Mc, a Fitz and an O’Something. I’m going to send him a can of Febreeze and this sign to tape to his door:


3) While Jude was having fun at school (and whistling at inappropriate times, according to one reliable source) the girls and I went furniture shopping and then we got McDonald’s (which we had to keep secret from Jude).

Jackie and Carmela try out our new sofa.

Jackie and Carmela try out some seating options.

4) The furniture shopping was one of the final components of the Great Family Room Makeover of 2013. Behold:





There are still a few things to do, including nailing in the quarter round around the base board and putting the shelves and doors onto the bookcases, but it’s 3/4 of the way done.

5) The painting and floors were only part of the makeover. Check out what the room looked like when we moved in last year:


The above picture was taken in the early morning and as you can see, the room was completely paneled and very, very dark because instead of the sliding glass door shown above, it had a small double window that looked out onto a screen-in porch. We painted the paneling to lighten it up but because of the porch, the room got little direct sunlight. This spring, we (by which I mean NOT me) tore the porch down and replaced the double window with the sliders. We also moved the washer and dryer hookups into a closet in the back of the room. It’s a wonderful difference and we’re very fortunate to be able to make these changes. I’m hoping we can make some positive changes to the kitchen sometime in the next year. The previous owners were really big fans of oak.

6) Our Jackie starts preschool next week! If you haven’t already, you should read Ellen’s post on preschool from last week. We decided to send Jude to preschool because he was (and is) a really social kid. He’s always looking for someone to talk to or play with. He’s got a great imagination and is very precocious. He spoke in full sentences shortly after turning one and never seemed to stop. This drove (drives) me nuts. DJ and I decided the best thing for Jude and for me would be to enroll him in PreK two days a week when he turned three.

Jude's first day of PreK 3.

Jude’s first day of PreK 3.

If Jackie had been first, we probably would have skipped the first year of preschool. She’s pretty content to stay home and color or play with her dolls. The only person she really wants to hang out with is her cousin Margot. However, because she’s seen Jude going off to school for three years in a row, she now expects to go to school so she’ll be starting next Tuesday.

7) Here is a picture of my kids watching the iPad, because that’s the sort of Mom I am:


Hope you all have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: School days!

  1. I LOVE Jude’s expression in the first picture. So, so cute. He looks much more at ease, though, in the last — hat on, belt, jeans, and hands behind head. Your girls look beautiful as always — and where is the new couch going??

  2. Forgive me Claire for I have sinned, I only just read this Quick Takes! I love the Paddy Wagon sign. Love. it. And I loved the part about Jude whistling at inappropriate times, LOL!

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  4. Claire – I love the family room makeover! The light fixture in the original was hideous as well! Love the can lights that you guys installed.

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