Five favorites: Time and money edition

Linking up with Hallie to share my current five favs. This is the first year the Hazzard family will have someone in Catholic school full-time (gulp!) so we are knuckling down on the budget trying to save some money where we can so tuition can be paid.

Thus, my first five fav: EBATES, baby!

Picture 2

Ebates is a Web site that you can shop online through. That is, if you know you’re going to buy that dress from Gap (Ellen) go to Ebates first, log on, then go to the Gap’s site through Ebates. You save additional money which you get in the form of cash back twice a year. You can shop virtually anywhere through Ebates. Most recently, I used it to buy Jude’s school uniforms from Lands End so I saved an additional 3 percent. Then I bought his school shoes from Sears and saved an additional 7 percent! You can also use it to order things from stores that allow you to pick up your internet order. This past weekend, I ordered a paint gun from Lowes  through ebates, saved four percent, and was able to pick it up two hours after I ordered it! Seriously awesome, folks. Give it a try.

2. The paint gun: this is not so much a money saver as a time saver. DJ bought the paint gun to paint the bookcases and fireplace in our family room. He really likes using it, and the finish is everything promised by various diy sites: smooth and hard. And, the painting of two bookcases and the fireplace with one coat takes 10 minutes with the paint sprayer. It’d take at least two to three hours if we did it with a roller and brush. We’re using the Wagner EZPro model below, but we’ve heard good things about other models.


3) I’m looking for tips from other moms out there about saving time on packing lunches and snacks! I have to pack a morning snack and a lunch for Jude each day. I really am not sure if it’s better to pack it in the morning or do it the night before. What do other moms do? Oh, and don’t answer if you’re the type of mom who packs lunches like this one:

This type of lunch is makes me feel inadequate as a parent. The thing is, I already know I am, and don't need more reminders.

This type of lunch is makes me feel inadequate as a parent. The thing is, I already know I am, and don’t need more reminders.

On the other hand, if you pack simple lunches, let me know how and when you do it, especially if you have other little people running around and distracting you.

This is a perfectly acceptable lunch. Only, I probably wouldn't bother with the plastic bags cause I'm concerned about the environment. And cheap. Maybe just cheap.

This is a perfectly acceptable lunch. Only, I probably wouldn’t bother with the plastic bags cause I’m concerned about the environment. And cheap. Maybe just cheap.

4) In other ways to save time, I’m also wondering if anyone out there steams their husband’s work shirts and pants. I fail miserably at making sure my husband has ironed and clean clothes for work each day. In fact, just this morning, he went off to work wearing a shirt that I ironed after I felt bad that I had neglected to wash any of his white undershirts. Under the perfectly crisp shirt, he was wearing a LeBron James t-shirt. So tell me, ladies, how do you make sure this is done and quickly? A steamer? Some sort of special iron? You let him go to work looking disheveled because, damn it all, you’ve got blogs to read and no time to iron?!?

5) Back to money. DJ and I have two bank accounts. One gets about two-thirds of his paycheck deposited into it and all the bills are paid automatically from that account. We have no debit card or check book for the bill account, so it’s difficult to spend money from it. The other account covers everything else. We keep track of both things (along with the savings account and various CC that we occasionally use) using, which lets you enter all your accounts and a budget then tallies everything up and you can check it on a daily basis. It’s really cool. I have it as an app on the iPad and with one touch, I’m hooked up to the status off all our accounts and our budget. I’d recommend it for anyone out there needing budget help.

Okay, readers, check out MoxieWife for more five favs and Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Five favorites: Time and money edition

  1. Dude. If you paid attention to last week’s post, you’ll know that I’m not in the market for any dresses, just a blazer! And yes, the front runner is from Gap…

  2. I always put all the lunch items together the night before so that all I have to do in the morning is put them in the lunch box with an ice pack and send them on their merry way. Sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, pretzels, cheese sticks, pepperoni, prepackaged cups of peanut butter with celery for dipping, Go-Go squeeze apple sauces, etc. are my go-to items. None of that fancy Bento box craziness for me. Who has the time for all of that????

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