WIWS & Some Weighty Thoughts


Loft lace top (it was a steal!), old favorite Gap outlet denim pencil skirt (worn previously here and here) and old Gap peep toe flats.

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple today to share my fine lace and denim church outfit. 🙂

I’m pretty happy with this outfit and how I look.  I’ve been feeling good about myself lately, which as my husband would tell you, is a departure from my norm.  I’ve been running longer and faster lately, finally getting closer to my summer goal of running a 6 miler.  I’ve been eating sensibly too.  I don’t stick to a restrictive diet or anything, but I don’t snack, usually have lots of protein for breakfast and a salad for lunch and a normal dinner.  I even switched to gin and tonics when I want a little drinky treat. So I feel good and I think I’m looking good.  I’ve lost inches and a pant size.  BUT.

I haven’t lost any weight.  I’m down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I have been there since April, but I figured that with this change of lifestyle that I’ve been working on and maintaining for a whole year(!) would start to pay off in numbers on the scale. I’m not technically overweight for my height, but I’ve always been on the upper end of my BMI zone, therefore I’ve always felt the itch to drop 10 pounds or so. I’m not sharing this to whine and complain or to solicit compliments. I feel pretty good and healthy and those feelings can’t just be taken away by stepping on the scale.  But I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I know that if I was more gung-ho and ran every day and did some no carb diet I would drop some weight, but at this point I’m feeling like it’s not worth it.  At this state in my life, between babies and always anticipating the very real possibility of another new blessing, I feel as though if I suddenly lost a chunk of weight, I would be very disappointed when (God willing) that little line on the stick appears. And that’s not right!  Besides, I’ve accomplished the main goal that I set out for when I started running: I’m in shape and healthy.  I wanted to be fit before having another baby so that I would hopefully have a healthier pregnancy and less scary delivery.  By the grace of God, I’ve accomplished that, I just wish I had dropped some extra pounds along the way.  Am I facing reality by letting go of my weight loss wishes or am I just being lazy?

Deep and life changing conversation, as usual.  And not vain at all. 😉

I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday afternoon! Thanks to FL&P as always for hosting everyone’s favorite Sunday link-up! 


17 thoughts on “WIWS & Some Weighty Thoughts

  1. You really do look great….and I can relate to SO MUCH of what you wrote. I struggle with a lot of the same things, …I eat healthy, I work out, yet I still weigh more than I would like and maybe even more than I should (according to the BMI charts, I'm slightly overweight). In order for me to lose weight, I have to do some sort of restrictive diet (like low-carb), but eating healthy and exercising doesn't work for me, because I pretty much do that all the time. It's hard and a struggle, but I'm trying to really just accept my body the way it is, because I know I eat healthy and exercise and am fit. I'm with you in feeling like it's not really worth it to put the effort in, just to lose weight, when I already am fairly healthy (and the weight would just all come back with the next baby anyway). 😉

    I really liked this post…I can relate to so much of what you wrote.

  2. Love your outfit and those precious shoes!! I know this sounds odd, but are you getting enough calories? My sister runs a lot…marathons, and she's gained weight doing so. Her doctor said her body was holding on to everything because she wasn't eating enough and with the running her metabolism has slowed way down! Just a thought.

    • That's a tempting thought! No, I think I get enough calories… but I wonder whether I need to space them more over my day. Like I said above, I don't snack; I take pride in that fact, actually. But I wonder whether I just need to eat smaller meals spaced throughout the day. I've always avoided that because I know I'd have to be really disciplined about it and not turn small meals/snacks into feasts! It's interesting to hear about your sister though. At least I know now that its not an urban legend that people can gain weight by running. Thanks for commenting, Britt. 🙂

  3. As someone who always sits on the upper end of my BMI, I just had to weigh in (oh! Pun totally unintended!). I finally had to step off the scale. I never ever budge below a certain number no matter what my inches are doing or what size I am wearing. I'm MUCH over that right now, and needing exercise like no one's business. But I can tell you that, prior to this past pregnancy, I loved what I saw and just ignored the scale numbers. I think some of us are "denser" than others.

    • Thanks Maia! You're right about "density", although its a difficult thing to admit to oneself…And you're right about the scale. I banished mine last week because I was just. so. tired. of seeing that same. damn. number. It does not reflect how I feel right now, so I'm just done with it. Thanks for chiming in; I really appreciate your input!

  4. I love your outfit, Ellen! You look great. And I know how you feel about weight fluctuation. It's been tough for me to lose the baby wt. this time around, but I'm slowly starting to be okay with where I'm at and just focusing on getting decent exercise. Way to go on reaching 6 miles!

    • Thanks Lisa 🙂 It's tough starting out getting exercise. I used to think people were lying when they said that they hate going more than a day without exercising, but now I'm that person! [so obnoxious.]

  5. Ellen,

    It's muscle. Seriously, I dropped from a size 10 to a size 6 after my fourth baby, ran a half-marathon, ate sensibly and was fit with a capital F, and I still weighed about 10 pounds more than I did when I got married (and wore a size 10). The scale is stupid. Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. You look smokin' hot!!

  6. Ellen,

    You look great! Seriously…and way to work on that 6-miler. I was regularly doing 5Ks, with the hopes of working to a 10K soon, before becoming pregnant again this spring. A goal for next year, I guess! And those babies sure have changed my body. I'll just second what Colleen said about the muscle. My sister-in-law is 2 years older that me, eats healthy, exercises 4 times a week, is in awesome shape, wears the same size I do, looks MUCH better in a bathing suit, but is still about 20 lbs heavier than a non-pregnant me, even though we're the same height.

    You look good, you say you feel good…just go with it!

  7. Ellen, you look and your McBody look fabulous! (that sounded better than McBoobs from college days, lol) Seriously! I keep wishing I was back into running… I just need to keep reading posts like yours and maybe I'll be motivated enough! That number hasn't dropped because you gained muscle. You look toned and fit, so don't worry about that number!

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