{PFHR} Third trimester effort


Since I was supposed to do Five Faves yesterday and forgot, I’ll make this a combo post by using a “Fave” as my “Pretty.”

I’ve been lazily looking about for nursery ideas to introduce some bolder color into this baby boy’s room, and I liked this one I found on Pinterest that looks really easy to boot.

Seems like you could take this idea any direction you wanted for just a few bucks and not a lot of effort. Works for me right now! I have way too many craft projects sitting around in semi-completed stages at this point, since I lack the energy and enthusiasm to finish them.



This was one happy four-year-old last week, with two different family parties full of cake and presents to enjoy. I am sad about my lame-o cake efforts: for her actual birthday I sent Paul out to get a grocery store bakery sheet cake, which I then did a very bad job decorating with Hello Kitty. Then on Saturday I rallied and baked Funfetti cupcakes, but when I tried to decorate those with number 4’s Paul said they looked like swastikas. Oops!



After a hard week of partying, Margot got very tired on the way to Mimi and Baba’s on Sunday afternoon, and was exasperated by our efforts to keep her awake. It also occurred to me that she looks about how I feel by noon every day lately.




This child loves to get dirty. I’ve found it’s best to just strip her down and go with it, and then when she’s done she and Margot will happily spend 45 minutes in the bathtub together. It’s a good way to get through an afternoon!

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5 thoughts on “{PFHR} Third trimester effort

  1. Those elephants are too cute! I always see adorable things like that on Pinterest but am waaaaay too lazy to actually cut things out of paper…

    And happy birthday to your daughter! We had a big party for my son's 4th birthday a few weeks ago and I totally went the grocery store cake route and "decorated" it with sprinkles… But it was delicious and he loved it! It'll be a while before any kids will object to bad decorating jobs, I think 😛

    • I'm with Rosie — way cute and I'm way lazy. And I agree that it'll be a few years before anyone objects to how their cakes are decorated. And, Rosemary, remember our cakes as children were usually chocolate with chocolate frosting and candles of unknown age and origin. We survived!

    • Thanks, fellow Rose! I know the cake thing is NBD in the long run, I just actually really like decorating cakes and doing crafts usually, so I'm bummed out for myself more than for my kids' sake!

      I enjoyed reading your twins' birth story — I cannot believe you didn't know there were two of them till 30 weeks! Please tell me you didn't have an ultrasound before that!

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