Mouthy Monday — Surgical Precision

Today’s post is brought to you by this past weekend’s medical emergency, Jack’s appendectomy.  On Friday evening the whole family went to a pool party for twin boys in Jack’s class.  The kids swam for three hours and ate/drank copious amounts of pizza, cupcakes, and soda.  When we got in the car, Jack complained that his stomach hurt…which was no big surprise to Brandon and I after that evening!  We got home, he went to bed, got sick at around 11pm, and complained of pain on his lower right side that worsened during the night.  We decided to take him to the ER at 2am, and after taking some bloodwork and a CT scan, he was diagnosed with appendicitis at around 5:30am.  We waited until noon for Jack to go into surgery, and then Brandon and I had to wait even longer to see him in recovery.  He slept most of the time in there — except for when the (very kind and well-meaning but) effusive nurse stroked him on the head and called him “Lovebug,” which elicited an eyeroll from Jack in my direction.  Then we got him settled in his room and I came home to take a shower and pick up the other kids, who were at my friend’s house.  I took them back to the hospital to visit Jack, then Brandon took them back home, I stayed with Jack overnight in the hospital, and we were home by 10:30 Sunday morning.  He’s doing great.  The quote of this weekend comes from (who else but?) Joe, who told me on the way in to see Jack that, “It’s too bad that Jack got his independence taken out.  Now I can’t ‘kai-rate’ chop him in the stomach anymore.”


Jack mourning the loss of his "independence."

Jack mourning the loss of his “independence.”

PS  Oh — I almost forgot!  In the “creepy stalker” category of this weekend’s adventures, I saw Grace‘s husband in the cafeteria of the hospital.  I was getting dinner for myself and so was he.  I should have introduced myself but held back for a number of reasons, the main one being, of course, completely vain:  I didn’t want to seem like some crazy person and was afraid that I would.  Although I had taken a shower at that point, I had been up for 36 hours, my hair looked like Gilda Radner’s (no time to use the straightener), and I was wearing a sweatshirt and leggings that should have been trashed 10 pounds ago, but it was FREEZING in that hospital and I didn’t have anything else to wear.  I also really didn’t want to bother the poor man, who was probably enjoying five minutes of freedom in between delivering babies.   I should have complimented him on the very nice article which featured his family in this month’s Archdiocesan magazine, although I probably would have just gushed about his wife’s sense of style and humor instead so…whatever.  Next time.  (Just kidding — as Jack said on our way out today, “I don’t ever want to be here again.”)

  • Wouldn't you be scared if this lady randomly came up to you during your dinner break?

    Wouldn’t you be scared if this lady randomly came up to you during your dinner break?

5 thoughts on “Mouthy Monday — Surgical Precision

  1. Well, I was going to call today to get the full story, but here it is! Poor Jack…and how scary for you guys! I'm glad he's home and feeling better.

  2. Hi Friend (Jane),

    Thanks for the laugh this morning! Sorry to admit that this is the first time I have checked out 'McSisters'….but I have my own version of Gilda Radner hair this morning and just had to give Tim something to chuckle about before he headed out the door this rainy morning! I also bet that he could pick out your picture from the top of the blog, and he succeeded in choosing 'the one who looks like 'dirty face' – as you know he lovingly refers to our dear Lucy! On a different note, we truly enjoyed our Rothkopf Children day (gave us a taste of more than 2 children) and let me tell you, it's a bit tiring! The girls and I had a fun coloring pictures, hanging upside down on the swing set, sidewalk chalk drawing, scooter riding, dinosaur playing, and of course plenty of chicken holding/chasing and egg searching!

    Thanks again for the lovely flowers and for trusting me with your little ones! Maybe today I will actually get those pennants completed….maybe!

  3. I just love how Jack has enough McMahon in him to roll his eyes at endearing terms like "lovebug" — even after having his Independence removed!

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