Mouthy Mondays

From the mouth of Miss Margot lately…

mouthy margot



One day, after being told that Mommy couldn’t jump up and down with her because of the baby in my tummy:

Margot: “Yeah, then the baby might slide down into your leg.”

Another time, wandering around singing to herself:

Margot: “We pray you, we bless you, we ignore you…”

Yesterday, after being admonished for something and running to her room to get bunny to commiserate with her:

Margot (to bunny): “We just have to get Mommy, Daddy, and Ruthie OUT Of this house. [Pauses] Yes! A net! A giant net!”

After seeing part of the first Harry Potter movie at Aunt Claire’s house:

Margot: “Mommy, have you seen Peter Potter?”
Me: “Harry Potter. Yes, I have, but that movie is for bigger kids.”
Margot: “Yeah. I think I will see Peter Potter when I’m five. Or twenty.”

And finally, after everything Margot says or does…

Ruthie: “Mah too!”

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